Key – Daroos Ul Lughat-ul-Arabiya – Part2


This is the translation of Kaleed – Daroos ul Lughat Ul Arabiyya part 2. Arabic is the language of Holy Quran so every Muslim should learn the Arabic language. This is the second part of this great book to learn the Arabic language. This book has three parts. It is recommended to learn all parts of this book. Before reading this part of the book. Please read the first part which is a base to this book.

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Here is the second part of ‘Daroos-ul-Lughat Ul Arabiyya. It mostly covers the grammar of Arabic language. It includes parts of sentences, verb, subject, tenses, types of verb, counting, counting rules, and adjectives types of noun.

Key to Darus ul Lughat-ul-arabiya-Part2


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