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Thursday, July 9, 2020

In order to prepare for the final board exam, past paper is a key to success. Students usually do not understand the importance of past papers or up-to-date papers. Instead of searching for guess paper, past paper is a great way to find important questions. Another benefit of past papers is that they provide the pattern of annual exam. This makes the students comfortable when they actually sit for the exam and see the actual paper in the examination hall.  A student should learn his/her course books throughout the year. Ideally, he/she should complete all the questions and exercises at least one month before the annual exams. So, now it’s time to revise the whole course. That will make the things very easy for the students. Now they can prepare the questions of past papers with great attention. They can learn each and every multiple choice question of the past five year’s papers. During the exams, a student will not learn a new thing because he has learned each and everything a long time ago. Now he is just revising all the things. Best student is the one who revises every subject at least twice during the papers. Whenever the student is going to the examination hall, he should not open any book that day. He should go there with a fresh mind. That will definitely help him getting good marks. This was the case with good students. If we talk about average students, past paper is equally important for them. Average students cannot learn each and everything in the course books. So, they have to do the selective study.  Up to date papers really help them achieve their goals. Sometimes, just after learning selective questions from past papers, they manage to get high marks