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Learn Arabic Online

Arabic is the language in which Almighty Allah revealed His Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Moreover, Arabic is also among five international languages recognized by UNO since it is the official language of 22 countries and is understood throughout the Muslim World.

Arabic, one of the most fluent languages of the world, has the unique grammar which no other language possesses. If you want to understand the Noble Qur’an directly or wish to learn Arabic for any purpose, here you can learn Arabic online.

Learning Arabic online was not too easy until now as we are providing you with the stuff so that you can learn this rich language quite handily.

How to learn the Arabic language, is the first question which comes to mind if one desires so. Here on Educate Box we provide you the services in order to learn Arabic language online. This includes if anyone intends to learn Arabic alphabets, that is, its script; or wants to read or write or speak Arabic, everyone can access this website. You can learn Arabic online free with the help of audio provided on EducateBox. You can also learn the language with the aid of Arabic pdf files

The Arabic Alphabet

There are 28 consonantal phonemes, as well as two semi-vowels in Arabic.  Arabic is similar to Urdu. Both of them have many common alphabets.

Arabic Letters and Alphabets
source: freepost.pk

How to Write Alphabets

Most of the times, we write the Arabic letters from top to bottom.  Sometimes, we may start from right to left.  You can observe the arrows to understand the flow of pen to write all the letters of Arabic.

How to write Arabic AlphabetsSounds of Arabic

The sound of Arabic and Urdu are bit different.  There are sounds that do not exist in English.  For example, the ‘glottal stop’, which is normally written by an (‘), like the word ‘elm, which means science.  The consonants ‘q’ and ‘gh’ are produced at the back of the mouth.  In English they are called ‘velats’ because the tongue actually touches the soft palate, which is also known as the velum.  ‘Qalam’ (pen), and ‘loghah’ (language) are two examples of this.  The (kh) sounds like the ‘ch’ in Scottish that you find in Loch Ness.

Writing Style of Arabic

Arabic is written right to left as compared to English, which is written left to right.

Arabic Grammar

The grammar rules in Arabic are different to those in English.  That makes it different, not necessarily more difficult.  Some of the rules are actually easier than those we find in English.  You will need patience and lots of practice.  So get started!

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