Exams on a Head!


It’s time to say goodbye to sports, video-games and hanging out with friends. No one should be worried though, but students only. And how unfortunate is that the cricket World Cup is in its full swing and board exams for primary, secondary, higher secondary and intermediate classes are just to begin.

Not only the students are busy preparing for their exams but also their parents are much more worried about the future of their children. However, they are struggling hard to keep their kids in the study rooms as one loves to go after anything other than the curriculum, especially in this age of adolescence.

Primary exams have begun since February 21 in Punjab. Higher secondary (8th Class) exams will start on 28th February 2015. Matric Part II (Class 10th) exams are starting from 2nd march 2015 while exams of Part I (9th Class) will be started from 18th March. Date-sheets of Intermediate that is, F.A., F.Sc., I.Com and ICS groups, will be announced later.

Exams on a Head

This is the season of exams and every student is busy in his or her studies. Those who do not have complete notes are rushing to fetch the notes from wherever they can. Most of the students in urban areas now go to academies beside schools for attaining extra-coaching. These academies also work for making the ground of a child’s mind so that he can attempt in a much better way in the exams.

Students these days should concentrate solely on their studies. Despite the fact that there are many activities going on around which attract them; however, this should be kept in mind that these things will reappear, but the time will not. Television, computers, cellphone, cricket, football, and everything other than studies have to be abandoned for the time being.

Good students always follow a time-table. In exam days, they follow it rather more strictly. All the students should also make time-tables and follow it. They can divide their time with respect to their subjects. If anyone can cover the arts subjects in less time then he should give some extra time to the science subjects. While having problems in studies students should consult it with their fellows and even teachers, if necessary. They can also ask their elder siblings as they have had mastered it already.

One more thing, students of all classes should be very much aware as well as cautious from mischievous ones. Such ruffians waste their time the whole year and in the end, beg for notes and alike from the regular students. Once you are trapped by them, you will have your property only after exams!
Good luck!


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