Learn for Success: Microsoft Invests in Pakistan


Microsoft sees a clear future in Pakistan, having recently launched a competition to find the best young IT talent in the country.

The ‘Learn for Success’ competition is targeted to students over 18 years of age, combining fun learning activities with the ability to earn points by completing TechRewards Challenges, Participants will also be given free training from the Microsoft Virtual Academy and the opportunity to earn points by downloading the DreamSpark for free.

Learn for Success: Microsoft Invests in Pakistan
(image source: blogs.msdn.microsoft.com)

Together, these activities will build the capacity of students to embark on a professional career in ICT. Over the 5-month course of the program, participants will also receive remuneration to the value of 400 dollars (around Rs 41,800).

Applications are open until 30 June 2016 (11:59pm GMT), with online forms available on the Microsoft website. Interested candidates will need a Microsoft email to be able to sign up. The competition is open to students across Pakistan, as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Once entries have closed, two lucky entrants will be selected as interns.

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