Students On A Crossroad In The World Cup 2015


To be diverted from studies in exams is the most joyful activity for a student. He loves to have ‘something’ rather ‘anything’ in which he can indulge himself and get a sound breath after being drowned in preparation for exams. Exam season for Pakistani kids right in the middle of Cricket World Cup ’15 is no less than a merging of opposite feelings at the same time. Although the students are busy in fighting for good grades in their exams, meanwhile they are caught up in the thrill of cricket World Cup.

Cricket World Cup vs Annual Exams

Although Pakistan cricket team has left no stone unturned to make the nation believe that cricket should not be given this much importance and no big expectations be attached to them in the present world cup, still cricket-fever is at its height in the entire country. And most of the affected ones by this world cup are the students who are to appear in exams just now.

Exams of primary and higher secondary students have already been started with the effect from 21st and 27th February respectively and exams of class 10th and 9th are beginning from the first week and the second half of March, respectively.

Quite hard though, but students need to focus on their studies. May be students are not realizing right now that these are not ordinary but the board exams and they are to affect their future. Those students will be affected by the World Cup if they do not realize that it is not every year that they give boards

Some parents have even taken strong measures to ensure that their children are not going astray and are concentrating on their exams’ preparation. Some have disconnected the cable-TV connections and a few – their internet connections for the time being. Perhaps it is the duty not only of parents but also a major part of it lies on the teachers to make children understand the gravity of the situation and keep them focused.