Central Superior Services (CSS) Examination Leak Investigated


CSS Paper Leak On Facebook

Twenty days before the CSS exam was to take place Sadia Kousar ‘leaked’ examination questions through social media, on Facebook

English and Current Affairs Examination

It seems that Sadia posted questions from the English examination on 26 January.  The English examination was planned for 16 February.  Sadia also posted questions from the current affairs examination on 31 January.  The questions were exactly the same as those on the examination paper.

Large Amounts Of Money Involved

It has been reported that amounts of money from 30,000 to 80,000 are being paid to become a member of this secret group with access to the examination papers.

Pin Codes Are Issued

Once accepted as a member, a pin code is issued.  Money and ID cards are submitted after the pin code is issued.

Who Is Involved Behind This?

Senior bureaucrats expect they will solve the mystery behind whoever is involved in giving this information to Sadia.

image source:thenewstribe.com


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