Chancellor Rafique Rajwana Speaks About Education Reform


There is good news on the education front according to Governor Punjab and Chancellor Rajwana. Chancellor Rajwana spoke about the actions the government is taking to make sure that education is a priority. Some of the things they have done to improve education include spending twice as much money on education and also making sure that educators are meeting higher standards in secondary education and there is a focus on research.

Chancellor Rafique Rajwana Speaks About Education Reform

This news was discussed when Governor Punjab met with several people in education including Professor Dr. Qaiser Mushtag from Islamia University of Bahawalpur and Ghazi University at a conference to discuss national accountability for education. The Vice-Chancellor spoke about the accomplishments of his university including moving up 40 positions in the HEC rankings in just one year. He credits changes in administration, academics, and budgetary changes for the increase in rankings.

Positive changes are being made in the education system already. There have been up to 100 educators hired by selection boards who were given the duty of choosing the right people for the job. There is also finally construction going on at Bah, Rahim Yar Khan, the Agricultural College, and improvements in sports facility. Another great thing that has happened is the Study Park and Day Care Center that Professor Doctor Mushtag was integral in funding. There are more exciting and positive changes to come in education that will benefit all citizens both young and old.

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