Where’s The Anger? The Government’s Decision On The Pak-Turk Schools


The Government’s Decision On The Pak-Turk SchoolsIt is important for any successful society to stand up for what is wrong and make their voices heard. If we want to live in a country that cares about each other, that is moral and that is educated, we all need to stop ignoring the issues in front of us. If we all just ignore the problems and the damage that is being done, what will become of our society? What kind of society do we want Pakistan to be?

Usually, Tayyip Erdogan coming to Pakistan would not be a news story. You can’t compare Erdogan to Obama or Merkel. You can’t compare Erdogan to Xi Ping, the man who believes he can tell our government what to do and they will jump on his command, the man who leads a country we rely on so heavily. Erdogan is also not Modi, who we all have mixed feelings about.

The Government’s Decision On The Pak-Turk Schools

So how is it that Tayyip Erdogan is able to convince the government of Pakistan to make such terrible choices? The recent decisions made by the Pakistan government regarding the Pak-Turk schools is one of the worst things to happen to our educational system in the history of the country. This decision shows that the education of children in Pakistan is not a priority and that they don’t care about the generation that will be our future leaders. How is the PML-N group able to live with themselves after this decision? This type of leadership should not be that surprising, really, considering how the government of Pakistan has proven over and over that their citizens really don’t matter to them.

Erdogan Rule

Erdogan rules with an iron fist over a country that is full of people who don’t know what they want with many different factions disagreeing with each other. Internationally, it is not a stretch to say that Erdogan has a hand in fostering and encouraging terrorist groups in the Middle East. In his own country, he claims to want a democracy but really he has done anything he can to run the country as a totalitarian government. Leaders from around the world were very critical of how he handled the attempt of a small group of people to take over the country.

Erdogan has turned a blind eye to many atrocities against visitors to his country as well as against his own citizens. His country has imprisoned more journalists than china. Erdogan put so many people in jail after the coup attempt that actual dangerous criminals were released to make room for them. Under his rule, individuals in the legal field and in education have lost their jobs simply because they expressed ideas that went against his government. However, the reason that Erdogan and his officials gave for putting people in jail or making them leave their job was that these individuals were somehow involved with the coup attempt. There is very little freedom in Turkey for people who use their talent to express ideas that differ from the government line. This has not gone unnoticed by human rights officials but their attempts to change things has not been successful.

Several Students Will Be Without The Educators

Turkey certainly has it’s own issues, largely in part to Erdogan and likewise Pakistan has theirs as well. Erdogan is now causing problems in Pakistan by influencing their government to make poor decisions about education. Prior to Erdogan arriving in Pakistan, their was a governmental order requiring almost 500 Pak-Turk teachers and their families to get out of the country. Pakistan’s government will not tell you the truth, which is that this ruling was made to make Erdogan happy. According to Erdogan, the Pak-Turk schools have ties to terrorism. So now, in the middle of the school year, several thousand young people will be without the educators that they relied on to help them improve their lives and have a better future.


There was a protest at the Karachi Press Club  by both students, educators and others who work in the school system. These people are very upset by the recent decisions made by the Pakistani government. We should all be upset by these decisions. With Pakistan’s already failing educational system, why would they remove more teachers from the schools? What this tells us is what the country truly cares about and that is not its citizens.

imate source: dailypakistan.com.pk


  1. The fact that everyone is not out there protesting this travesty is very upsetting. The Pakistani government needs to be held accountable for their actions and it is up to us, as citizens, to do so.


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