English 9th Lahore Board 2008 – Group I – Subjective Paper


English 9th Lahore Board 2008

This is only subjective part of English class 9 Lahore board paper of 2008 Group 1.  There are 8 short questions out of which 5 questions are required to be attempted. All of these questions are from text book of English A.  Third question is a translation from English to Urdu of a paragraph from text book. This year summary of Abou Bin Adhem is asked to write. Fifth question is Make sentences of idioms. This completes English A part of this paper.  Question number 6 is letter, story or dialogue question. Next question is about comprehension passage. Question 8 is translation from Urdu to English and Question 9 is about change of voice (Active to Passive and Passive to Active).

Past paper Class 9 English Lahore 2008 Subjective Type - Group I


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