Those who hide from truths find comfort in sweet lies. Truth is always hard to swallow. People who cannot face the truth can find their way by hating it. In fact this is the easiest way to turn your back.

Fertility of the minds of this soil is no less than any other but seldom does a star shine in our sky. The one who has to be a guiding star with his or her brilliance is often misguided in our country. If he somehow manages to guide himself to the right path, he faces enormous hurdles in his way and is finally de-tracked. One in a million who achieves the glory with his passion and hard-work, and starts looking the world with a broader viewpoint, is then termed as a foreign agent, traitor, infidel and what not! This is the story of our national behavior as regards to anyone ‘creative’.

Hating the TruthIf I open the pages of history of my country, I feel helpless in finding the answer to the causes of shame we have had, time and again. Since the birth of this God-given ‘holy’ land our people have constantly unveiled their nature. When we accepted that the Father of the Nation dye on a roadside in an ambulance, out of fuel; when we deliberately ignored the cause of the creation of our country and moved to the systems other than Shariah; when we killed our brothers and sisters ruthlessly in the eastern wing of our own country and used brutal military force against the people who had even bigger share in the freedom movement; when we kill our fellow brethren in the name of religion as if it is a game – then even the miracles refuse to happen for the rescue.

In good old days when people used to feel – the sentiments of fellow beings, truth had an honorable place in their hearts. They were aware that by refusing to admit the fact it would not kill the fact. By turning back to the truth would not help the false become true. Therefore, they used to face the truth gently; however, it may be bitter.

Our tragedy has been and still is that we run away from everything which is told to us rationally and against ‘our’ version, and we try to prove our weak hypothesis with the help of exaggerated verses and home-made self-proclaimed scholars’ quotes. What we do not like is not only truth but also we hate truth-bearers, who take a risk of showing us mirror.

From scientists to sportsmen, writers to physicians and businessmen to honest bureaucrats we love to mock them, ridicule them publicly and condemn their achievements and services they rendered to no-one but us. Dr. Abdus Salam, first Nobel laureate of this ‘holy’ land was forced to leave the country when he wished to establish a modern research center for physics in his homeland. We feel honored being servants of different firms but when any businessman make some progress with the help of nothing but struggle and hard-work, we start alleging him that he stole the wealth of poor.

It is our natural rather ‘national’ instinct that we do nothing yet dream to be super-power of the world. Our claim is that Pakistan is the fort of Islam but we as residents of this fort should not be asked to act according to Islam. Dichotomy has been induced in our souls, not because we are not religious or patriot or intelligent people, but only due to the reasons that we, as a whole, can’t bear the truth and enjoy sweet fabricated lies.

Shall we put an end to this dangerous hate or will we continue to love the things that do not even exist?


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