The History of Lahore Zoo


Lahore Zoo History

When we talk about oldest zoos in the world, the Lahore Zoo is one of the oldest and famous one in the world.

It started as a sort of zoological garden and got to be a true blue zoo when an aviary was given in 1872 by Lala Mela Slam.

History of Lahore Zoo

The Lahore Municipal Committee managed it until 1921, and after that it was managed by a Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner through an Advisory Committee until 1962. The West Pakistan Agriculture Department was next, followed by the Livestock and Dairy Development Department. Eventually in 1982 the zoo’s management was taken over by the Wildlife and Parks Department and now it is managed by the Zoo Management Committee using the Punjab Zoos and Safari Park Rules of 2012.

Once transferred to the Wildlife Department in 1982, many changes took place. This included changes to the housing for many animals, a new layout of the buildings and landscape, as well as new developments in the administration. These initiatives allowed the zoo to become self-financed and it was able to balance and manage its resources.

Its location is in the center of the city so it is accessible to all. Visitor numbers are up to around 4 ½ million each year. It is home to around 120 species of animal, with primates, big cats, deer, antelope, reptiles and birds. In addition to the animals, there are many trees (around 900 trees of 60 different species). This makes it a complete ecosystem, which is unique in Lahore.






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