How to Download Online Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan


Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

If you are a resident of Pakistan, and want to get vaccination certificate you should follow the process mentioned here.

  • Message your ID card number to 1166. You will receive a code and name of your testing centre
  • Now you have to go to your vaccination centre and get yourself vaccinated. Another update is that you go to your nearest vaccine centre for vaccination.
  • Once you have fully vaccinated, wait for 24 hours before you get your certificate
  • After 24 hours you can visit your nearest NADRA, with your ID Card.
  • If you have a international passport, you should also take your passport with you when you go for the certificate.
    Why passport?
    The reason is that there is also a passport number field in Covid Certificate. The officer will fill that field with your passport number. In this way you will become eligible to travel to foreign countries.
  • you can get your covid vaccination certificate after paying certificate fee of Rs.100 to NADRA .

Sample Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

Vaccination Certificate Fees in Pakistan

Vaccination Certificate fees is Rs 100.

How to get Duplicate Vaccination Certificate

Once you had paid your fees  and got the certificate after vaccination you can print your vaccination certificate any time.

You should follow the procedure for downloading and printing certificate. There is a simple process to get Covid vaccination certificate online. It can be done by providing required information.

There are certain details that you must enter into the system before  you could get your caccination certificate pdf. The information include:

  • Your CNIC number and
  • issue date of your ID card

Once you have provided both of these information to, you will receive your covid vaccination certificate.

Things to Remember before vaccine

There are a few other things to remember when getting a covid-19 vaccination. The health ministry recommends that high blood pressure patients should not take covid vaccine.  Similarly pregnet women should avoid vaccination.

A covid vaccination certificate can be collected from the NADRA office and can be printed at home. Following information is printed on Covid Certificated.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • CNIC number
  • Passport number
  • nationality
  • certificate issue date
  • certificate number
  • vaccine name
  • recommended dossage
  • date of vaccination (s)
  • health center name
  • manufacturer of dose

The most recent addition to the list of important information is that the qr code, which is displayed on the certificate. The QR code allows the users to directly access the vaccination details.

It is important to provide correct information when completing these forms. Some details required are your name, ID Card number, passport number.

You can go browsing on your smartphone to seek out the vaccinations certificate.

What is Vaccination Certificate?

The vaccinations are given for preventing severe complications during the course of infection.

It is quite easy to get vaccinated against Covid. Covid is one of the most dangerous disease around. However, like all diseases, this too can be prevented by following some simple precautions. Here are some tips on how to get vaccinated against covid.

Requirment of Vaccination Certificate in Different Countries

Many countries might require a vaccination certificate for other reasons as well. Just because you require a certificate to enter a particular country doesn’t mean that there is any risk of getting the disease there. Similarly, if a particular country doesn’t require a vaccination certificate, it doesn’t mean that Covid is completely absent. In such a situation, it is best to make sure that you are properly vaccinated against this disease before leaving that country. In other words, all of us should take vaccination precautions.  Official website

NIMS (National Immunization Management System) provides various facility to the people of Pakistan.  Some of the facilities by NIMS are as follows:

It provides  you facility to register your name for vaccination.

  • change your health care center
  • International vaccination record
  • Entry of side effects of vaccination
  • get certificate of covid
  • Correction in your personal record
  • check your complain
  • Verification of your certificate
  • Frequently asked questions.

You can visit official nims website ( for complete information about your vaccine.


There is a simple process to get Covid vaccination certificate online.  Health authorities issue vaccination certificates to people that have recently undergone immunization procedures.


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