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Allah Favourite Name

When we talk about Allah’s favourite names, we can check the ahadees of Nabi Salalahu alaihi wassalam to find out the answer of this question.  There are two favourite names of Allah. These are also among Asma ul Hasna.

These are the most beloved names to Allah. So these two names are the best choice for Muslim new born baby.

Sahih Muslim Shareef: Ibn Umar reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The most beloved of your names to Allah are Abdullah and Abd ur Rehman.

so the names dearest to Allah are Abdullah and Abd ur Rehman.

Abu Dawood and Ibne Maajah also have similar Hidith.

Favorite Names Of Allah

Allah’s favorite names are:

  1. Abdullah
  2. Abdul Rehman.

When we check the names of sahaba, we will find that many sahaba have same names i.e Abdullah and Abdul Rehman.  If your decided to name your child as “Abdul Rehman” or  “Habib ur Rehman” or “Fazal ur Rehman” for example.  You should be very careful.  Rehman is the name of Allah. So you should never call him as “Rehman”.  You should always call him with his full name.

Allah K Pasandeeda Naam

Jesay kay hum nay dekha kay Allah k pasandeeda naam do hain.  Abullah aur Abdul Rehman.

Muslim Shareef ki Hadees hai:

Hazrat Abdulla ibne Umar R.A farmatay hain Rasulullah SAW nay Farmaya;

Tumhare namon may say Allah Ta’ala ko sab say ziyada mehboob naam Abdullah Aur Abdur Rahman hain.



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