Best Islamic School in Lahore – Al Barakah School Lahore


Al Barakah School Lahore

Best Islamic School in Lahore

If we talk about best Islamic School in Lahore, Al-Barakah School Lahore is a choice of many people. There are many great features which differentiate Al-Barakah from other schools.

Working since

Albarakah School is working since 2003.

Branches of Al Barakah School

There are 5 branches of Al-Baraka School Lahore.  They are located in New Muslim Town and Chauburji Park.  The main branch is located at 259-A New Muslim Town Lahore. There are separate branches for regular schooling and hifz. Also have separate campuses for girls and boys.

Islamic Environment

The environment of school is according to Islamic ethics.  There are separate girls branches for high schooling.  In assembly, there is always a motivation talk about five time prayers, tilawat e Quran, Ikhlakiat, and other Islamic teachings.  Islamic dress is adopted by students and teachers.


Islamic open dress is adopted as uniform for students.  For boys and girls uniform is white shalwar kameez.  Cap for boys and scarf for girls are compulsory.


Quite reasonable fees. It start from 2500 to 4500

Hifz-e-Quran along with studies

Al-Barakah School provides Hifz e Quran along with schooling. Hifz starts from class two.  So a student completes his Hifz e Quran along with his contemporary studies.

Note: If you want only Hifz classes Iqra Rauza Tul Atfal is a good choice.

Schooling along with Nazrah Quran

Nazrah Quran is compulsory for all the schooling classes.  There is a period of Nazrah Quran daily along with regular schooling classes. After completing nazrah Quran, students learn selected surahs of Quran by heart.

Top Matric Result

Albarakah has been producing 100% Matric Result since 2013.  It is registered and affiliated with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore.

System of Al-Baraka School Lahore

Al-Barakah School take admission in pre classes at the age of 3.5 to 4 years. After Pre Nursery and Nursery classes, there is a Prep Class which is also called Qaida Class. In Pre class, student learn all takhtis of Qaidah throughout the year.  They are thought Quaida with tajweed.  This makes a very solid base of a child before Hifz e Quran or Nazrah Quran.  In class one nazirah Quran starts.  If a student wants to go for hifz e Quran,  then they are taught Nazirah Quran along with few selected subjects in class one.  From class two hifz starts. Usually, students complete their hifz when they reach class five or six.  Usually a student may complete his/her hifz at the age of 10 to 14 years of age. After that they continue their regular studies along with revision of their manzil.  Hifz is not compulsory for girls. If you decided not to go for hifz, full schooling will continue from class one along with Nazrah Quran class.  Usually, a student completes his hifz e quran and Matric at the age of 15 to 17.

Online Classes at Al-Barakah School

During the lock down situation, Albarakah School Lahore has been teaching their students online through zoom classes.  Daily video lectures have been shared. Monthly notes were provided. Monthly home tests were taken. Weekly copies checking were took place.

Extra/Co Curricular Activities

Al-Barakah often organize different extra Curricular Activities and Co-Currilar activities for students. These activities include educational trip, Seerat un Nabi SAW program, Tilawat competitions, Quizes, Debates etc.

Al-Barakah School Annual Function

Air Conditioned Rooms

All the class rooms are air conditioned. Branches are equipped with Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) and Generators for regular electricity supply

Strong Security System

Al-Barakah School provides  strong security system. They have 8 feet high barb wired boundary walls,  armed guard, CCTV system.

Class Inspections

In order to make inspections of classes, CCTV cameras are fixed in all the classes.

Other Facilities at Al-Barah High School

Al Barakah High school has other facilities like computer lab, science lab, library etc.

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