Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2021 Online Check , Date & other Wafaq Info


wifaq ul madaris result 2020 online check wafaq

For Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2021 online check, 24th April is the date announced by Wifaq ul madaris official website.  This is the institute responsible for managing all the dars-e-nizami, hifz and tajweed education in Pakistan.  They set books, design course, take exams, provide results for the student, both boys and girls in Pakistan.

Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2021 Online Check for Kutab

You can check Wifaq-ul-madaris result 2021 online from their website.  As we mentioned that wafaq-ul-madaris result was scheduled on 24th April 2021.

wafaq ul madaris result online check madrasaa

Madaris should select the options like year 1442 or previous years for previous results, Baneen (boys) or Banaat (girls), salana (annual) or zimni. They should also choose the year abd code of madrassa. After that press the button to open result sheet. They can find wifaq-ul-madaris result for kutab here.

Wifaqulmadaris Results 2021 for Hifz

The Wifaq ul Madaris result 2021 date for Hifz students is 19th April 2021. Click here to get hifz Wafaq Result.

Wifaq-ul-madaris Result online hifz for madarisasThe wifaqulmadaris results 2021 for Hifz students is announced on 19th April 2021.

Individual Wifaq Result

Any individul can get his/her result by following form.

wifaq al madaris result online kutab for individuals

They should enter their roll number to get the result. Indviduals can click here to get their results.

Check , Date & other Wafaq Info

Check Wafaq Result through SMS

You can also get wifaq result through SMS. The method is simple. Write a message through following pattern.

M601 786


  • M shows Male.  There are two options M and F for Male (بنین) and Female (بنات).
  • After that give the code of levels. All possible codes are give in following table.
  • After that give a space. Then write your roll number.
  • Send your sms to 9143.  Following are possible codes.
601Khassa Awwalخاصہ اول
602Khassa Doemخاصہ دوم
701Aalia Awwalعالیہ اول
702Aalia Domعالیہ دوم
801Moqoof Alaihموقوف علیہ
201Tajweed al Huffaazتجوید الحفاظ
202Tajweed al Ulamaتجوید اللعلماء
1001Darasaat e Awwalدراسات اول
1002Darasaat e Doemدراسات دوم


Check Wifaq Result through Mobile App

You can also check your Wafaq (darse Nizami result) through mobile app. You can download result app through play store. The app is also very simple.

Check Wafaq-ul-madaris Result of Previous years.

You can check online wifaq result of previous years from Wifaq website.

wifaq result 2020, (1441)

wifaq result 2019, (1440)

wifaq result 2018, (1439)


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