Potential Genius in Pakistani Minds


Pakistan is a country – diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and inhabited by one of the most welcoming and hospitable peoples of the world. Its geo-strategic location makes Pakistan a gateway to the warm waters of Arabian Sea for Central Asian countries, land route to China for the west and most importantly – an extremely vital country for entire South Asia.

Potential Genius in Pakistani Minds

Having so many different cultures the people of Pakistan share the intellect as well the languages other than their mother-tongues to enhance greater diversity in the respective fields.

Pakistan or the land where it is located today, since the times of Ashoka and even before has been producing great minds. Gandhara civilization, the cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa, and Taxila where the world-class university was founded even before the time of Buddha depicts the history of fertility of the minds of the people of this region.

After the advent of Muslims in the Indian sub-continent through Sindh, which is often called Bab-ul-Islam (The Door of Islam), the pace of advanced learning only accelerated. Scientists like Ibne Sina made this land their laboratories and the rulers, especially Muslim sultans and nawabs generously used to award them pensions.

People of Pakistan are primarily classified according to their provincial or linguistic backgrounds, that is, Punjabi, Pashtun, Balochi, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Siraiki and Balti etc.

It was discovered in a recent research that the people able to speak more than one language are much more sharp minded and are better able to exercise their minds as compared to those who have learnt only one language in their lives.

There are thirty-two languages spoken throughout Pakistan with dozens of different dialects. Every language has its own uniqueness. However, most of the Pakistanis can speak or understand at least two languages. A large number of people are able to speak or understand more than two languages. In this respect province of Balochistan is quite unique as the people there speak Balochi, Pushto, Urdu and Brahvi and in some cases Persian or Siraiki are also spoken while English as the official language enjoy its own distinguished position. This executes that the people of Pakistan have great potential in order to excel in any field.

Surely, Pakistanis have not only been able to successfully register their talents in sciences but also in arts, poetry, business and military. If Pakistani students can make world-records in A-Level and O-Level exams and then the same records being broken by none other but by the very own fellow countrymen and, in a very short span of time; if Pakistani literature can be lauded on the world-stage – time and again; and if Pakistan can build military equipment without any foreign aiding which is advanced enough to be marketed in the world – then surely not a single reason survives to question the potential of Pakistani minds.

This all has been achieved despite of the weak educational system of Pakistan and that too which doesn’t execute with its full capacity.

All we need to is that we work-in and work-out with utmost honesty to utilize as well as explore the potential genius in Pakistani minds.


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