4th International Conference on Education and Research Delivers a Clear Vision for Pakistan


Dr Nizamud Din, the head of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), has used his address to the 4th International Conference on Education and Research to emphasize the importance of teacher training in delivering high-quality education. Dr Din also drew attention to the large investment that provincial government is making into improving education and elevating professional teaching standards.

4th International Conference on Education and Research Delivers a Clear Vision for Pakistan

Dr Din underlined the key role of education in promoting national development, adding that the role of educators is to manage and control the problems faced in delivering quality learning. He also highlighted the importance of this work in building a strong and affluent Pakistan. Dr Din also praised the appointment of College Teaching Internees across the province, particularly in regards to strengthening government relations and involvement in education.

The conference was hosted by Professor Dr Raufe Azam (Vice Chancellor for the University of Education), with Dr Initizar Hussain Butt (Director of the Division of Education) delivering the welcome address. The ceremony was well attended, with the audience including the Vice Chancellors of Government College University and UVAS, the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, the Chairperson of NACTE and a large score of well-respected academics, intellectuals and students.

The conference primarily focused on contemporary challenges in education, as well as best-practice approaches to research and effective learning. Almost 100 academics presented papers, representing a diverse range of countries, including England, Germany, Saudi Arabia and more.


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