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Learn Urdu Language Online

If you are looking to learn the Urdu language, you landed on the right place. You will find very useful books and tutorial to learn the Urdu language.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is also one of the official languages of Pakistan.  People understand the Urdu language in almost all the provinces of Pakistan. It is not a very simple language. There are many languages being spoken in different provinces of Pakistan.  These languages include Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi, Saraiki, Brahui, Kashmiri, Shina, Gujarati, Mewati, and Persian. Some of them are similar to Urdu language and some of them are entirely different.

Urdu is also being spoken on the different parts of the world. Last year I met some local people of China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Cerulean and United Kingdom. They were speaking Urdu very fluently.  Then I realized the importance of Urdu language.

Here are few resources for all of those who want to learn the Urdu language online.

Alphabets In The Urdu Language

Unlike English, we write Urdu from right to left. There are 39 basic alphabets in Urdu Language. If you are an English speaker and you want to learn Urdu. Here is good news that you can easily learn the sound of Urdu. Urdu alphabets with their sound in English are explained in the following chart.

Urdu Alphabet with their sound in English
source: transparent.com

You should make some practice to write these alphabets. This is the basic lesson of Urdu. Once you are comfortable with reading and writing these alphabets, you can start learning the language.

Types of Letters in Urdu

There are two types of letters in Urdu:  Connector and Non-Connector.

Connector Letters

Connectors are those letters which can be joined from both sides.

Urdu Connector Letters

Non Connector Letters

Non Connectors are those letters which can only be joined with proceeding letters. Following are the non-connector letters.

Urdu Non Connector Letters

Learn Basic Words From Urdu Alphabets

Formation of Word in Urdu – Joining Letters to Construct a Word in Urdu

We can construct a word in Urdu using Urdu alphabets. We can use different combination of words to make different words.

Two Letter Words  in Urdu

Very few words in Urdu are made with two letters. There is a word ‘dow’, which is formed with ‘dal’ and ‘’wow’. Its meaning is “to give”.  Similarly there is an Urdu word ‘lo’ which is formed with ‘lam’ and ‘wow’. Its meaning is “take” i.e. opposite of ‘give’.

Three Letter Words in Urdu

.There are many three letter words in Urdu. There is a word ‘baat’, which is formed with  ‘bay’, ‘alif’ and ‘tay’. Its meaning is “talk”.  Another word is ‘maut’, which is formed with ‘meem’, ‘wow’ and ‘tay’. Its meaning is death.

Four Letter Words in Urdu

There are many words in Urdu constructed with four letters.  Right now I am give you just one example. There is a word ‘jago’ which means “wake up”. This word is formed with ‘jeem’, ‘alif’, ‘gaff’, and ‘wow’.

Counting in Urdu

Though writing in Urdu is from right to left but when we write a number or read a number, we write it from left to right, just as we write in English.

Urdu Counting - One to Ten

Here is Counting from 1 to 10. You can see the pronunciation of each word. For example one is ‘aik’ in Urdu, two is simply ‘do’, three is ‘teen’, four is ‘char’, five is ‘panch’, six is ‘chay’, seven is ‘saat’, eight is ‘aath’, nine is ‘no’ and ten is ‘das’. You should learn each and every word carefully and practice with your friends. Following is complete table of counting from one to hundred.

Urdu Counting - One to Hundred