List of Prophets and their Countries | Where the Prophets Originated


List of Prophets and their Countries

If you are looking for origin of Prophets and want to observe list of prophets and their countries. You are at right place.

Where the Prophets originated

If you are in search of the answer to the question where the prophets originated? We have provided information about countries of prophets. There are 124,000 prophets in Islam. Out of these prophets, 25 prophets mentioned in Quran. Allah S.W.T has sent these prophet to the different countries and different regions of the world. Most of the prophets were originated from Arab countries.

List of Prophets and their Countries | Where the Prophets Originated

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you may see the following list of prophets and and their countries.

NameWhere the Nabi OriginatedLocations of Nabi in Urdu
Nabi-Muhammad S.A.W) Saudi Arabia (Makkah and Madinah)سعودی عرب  (پیدائش مکہ مکرمہ، وفات مدینہ منورہ)
Isah (A.S)Palestineفلسطین
Yusuf(A.S)Syria,  Government in Egypt

Jerusalem , Palestine

شام، مصر میں حکومت کی، فلسطین میں مدفن ہیں۔
Zakariya (A.S)palestineفلسطین
Yakoob(A.S)Syria, Palestineشام،  فلسطین
Ismail(A.S)Saudi Arabiaسعودی عرب
Ibrahim(A.S)Palestine and died in iraqفلسطین
Adam(A.S) Sri Lankaسری لنکا


Here we have mentioned locations of prophets.  You must have observed that mostly the Countries of Prophets are Palestine and Saudi Arabia.

All of these prophets were messengers of Allah SWT.  They were sent on different areas of the world to preach the teachings of Allah SWT to their people.  Many people did not accept the teachings of Prophets. Countries where people accepted the dawat of these pious people became Muslim Countries.  Other countries are called non-Muslim countries.

countries of nabi A.S


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