Meaning of Prophets Names | Rasool/Nabi Names Meaning


Meaning of Prophets Names

Prophets are the best people of this world.  Their names are also best names of this world. The meaning of prophets names are also good. While naming our child, choosing the Names of Prophets in Quran or choosing any other names of prophets in Islam is the best way to get best name of our child. Selecting their name also remind us the “seerat” of those pious persons.

Our Prophet Muhammad Salalahu Alaihi Wassallam himself motivates a sahabi to choose name from names of Prophets.

Nabi Salalahu Alaihi Wassalam named his son as “Ibraheem”. He choose “Yousaf” as the name for son of a sahabi. Hazrat Talha Razi Allah hu Anhu had ten sons. The names of all the sons were from prophets names.

Nabi Names Meaning

Rasool Names Meanings are given as follows:


NameName in UrduRasool Names Meaning in UrduNabi Names Meaning in English
Adamآدمگندم گوں، رنیا کے پہلے انسان اور پہلے نبی کا نامThe name of first prophet of Allah
Shees.شیثکثرتName of Prophet of Allah
Nuh, Nooh.نوحآرام، بلند، لمبی عمر والےنبی، رنجیدہProphet with long age.
Yushaیعشیٰ، یوشعچڑھائی ، بلندیprophet name
Adrees, Idrees, Idris.ادریسپڑھا ہوا،تعلیم دینے والاOne who educate
Hudھودمعافی مانگنے والا،  توبہ کرنے والاOne who as forgiveness
Saleh, Salih. صالحنیکpious
Ibraheem, Ibrahim. ابراہیمخادم، قوموں کا باپFather of many
Lut. لوطدلی محبتName of prophet
Ismail, Ismaeel, Ismael اسمائیلاے اللہ تو سن، مسکراہٹsmile
Ishaq اسحاقہنسنے والا، ڈٹ جانے والا، حق پر قائم رہنے والاsteadfast, standing on the right
Yaqub, Yaqoob یعقوبپیچھے آنے والیsuccessor
Yousaf, Yusaf, Yusufیوسفحسین پاکبازbeautiful, handsome
Ayub, Ayyubایوبرجوع کرنے والاpatience, Ayub AS was famous for his patience
Shoaibشعیبحصہ ، جمع و تفریق، حق پر لانے والاOne who show the right path
Musa, Mussaموسیٰپانی سے نکالا ہواdrawn out of the water
Haroon, Harunہارونسالار،سردارHead
Zul Kifl, Zulkifal ذوالکفلضامنName of prophet
Dawood, Dawud, Daudداؤدعزیز دوستBeloved Friend
Salman, Suleman, Sulaymanسلیمانزینہ، سلامتیsafe, companion
Ilyasالیاسقائم و دائمprophet name
Al-Yasa الیسعفراغprophet name
Luqman, Lukmanلقماندانا،عقلمندwise
Danial, Daniyal, DanyalدانیالہوشیارIntelligent
Uzair, Uzerعزیرتعاون کرناname of prophet
Khizar, Khizr, Khizerخضرسرسبز،رہنماgreen
Younas, Yunus, Yunasیونسمانوسpillar
Zakria, Zikria, Zakariya, Zakariyyaزکریاءبھرنا، پرکرناname of prophet
Yahyaیحیيٰزندہ رہنے والاalive
Isa, Eesa, Esaعیسیٰزندگی والاprophet name
Muhammad, Muhammed, Mohammad, Mohammedمحمدتعریف کیا ہواpraised, appreciated



As you can see that Rasool names meaning is given here in this article to decide the name of your child. For example Mohamed Meaning is praised. Eesa name meaning is the name of prophet. Nooh Name meaning is prophet with long age.  Yahya meaning is alive. Ibrahim name meaning is father of many. May Allah subhana hu wa Ta’ala help us obey the prophets in our life.


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