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List of Qurani Surah

If you are looking for List of Qurani Surah along with number of verses, number of rakus, and para information, you are at the right place. Here your will find Quran Surah list with para number. 114 Surah Names List is given in English and Arabic languages.

Quran Surah List With Para

Here is Quran all surah names with other information

Sura NoName of Surah in
Name of Surah in
Number of versesNumber of RakusPara
1Surah Fatihaسُوْرَۃُ الفَاتِحَة711
2Surah Bakarakhسُوْرَۃُ البَقَرَة286401-3
3Surah Alay Imranسُوْرَۃ آلِ عِمْرَان200203-4
4Surah Nisaسُوْرَۃُ النِّسَاء176244-6
5Surah Maidahسُوْرَۃُ المَائِدَة120166-7
6Surah Anamسُوْرَۃُ الأَِنْعَام165207-8
7Surah A’arafسُوْرَۃُ الأَعْرَاف206248-9
8Surah Anfalسُوْرَۃُ الأَنْفَال75109-10
9Surah Tobaسُوْرَۃُ التَّوْبَة1291610-11
10Surah Younasسُوْرَۃ يُونُس1091111
11Surah Hudسُوْرَۃ هُود1231011-12
12Surah Yousafسُوْرَۃ يُوسُف1111212-13
13Surah Ra’adسُوْرَۃ الرَّعْد43613
14Surah Ibrahimسُوْرَۃُ إِبْرَاهِيم52713
15Surah Hijrسُوْرَۃُ الحِجْر99614
16Surah Nahlسُوْرَۃُ النَّحْل1281614
17Surah Isaraسُوْرَۃُ الإِسْرَاء1111215
18Surah Kahfسُوْرَۃ الكَهْف1101215-16
19Surah Maryamسُوْرَۃ مَرْيَم98616
20Surah Tahaسُوْرَۃ طٰهٰ135816
21Surah Anbiaسُوْرَۃُ الأَنْبِيَاء112717
22Surah Hajjسُوْرَۃ الحَجّ781017
23Surah Momineenسُوْرَۃُ المُؤْمِنُون118618
24Surah Nurسُوْرَۃ النُّور64918
25Surah Furqanسُوْرَۃ الفُرْقَان77618-19
26Surah Shu’araسُوْرَۃُ الشُّعَرَاء2271119
27Surah Namalسُوْرَۃُ النَّمْل93719-20
28Surah Qasasسُوْرَۃُ القَصَص88920
29Surah Ankabutسُوْرَۃُ العَنْكَبُوت69720-21
30Surah Roomسُوْرَۃ الرُّوم60621
31Surah Luqmanسُوْرَۃ لُقْمَان34421
32Surah Sajdaسُوْرَۃُ السَّجْدَة30321
33Surah Ahzaabسُوْرَۃُ الأَحْزَاب73921-22
34Surah Sabaسُوْرَۃ سَبَأ54622
35Surah Fatirسُوْرَۃ فَاطِر45522
36Surah Ya-Sinسُوْرَۃ يٰس83522-23
37Surah Saaffaatسُوْرَۃُ الصَّافَّات182523
38Surah Saadسُوْرَۃ ص88523
39Surah Zamarسُوْرَۃُ الزُّمَر75823-24
40Surah Ghafirسُوْرَۃ غَافِر85924
41Surah Fussilatسُوْرَۃ فُصِّلَت54624-25
42Surah Shurahسُوْرَۃُ الشُّورىٰ53525
43Surah Zukhrafسُوْرَۃُ الزُّخْرُف89725
44Surah Dukhanسُوْرَۃ الدُّخَان59325
45Surah Jasizسُوْرَۃ الجَاثِيَة37425
46Surah Ahqaafسُوْرَۃُ الأَحْقَاف354+26
47Surah Muhammadسُوْرَۃ مُحَمَّد38426
48Surah Fatahسُوْرَۃُ الفَتْح294+26
49Surah Hujraatسُوْرَۃُ الحُجُرَات182+26
50Surah Qaafسُوْرَۃ ق45326
51Sura Az Zariatسُوْرَۃُ الذَّارِيَات602+26-27
52Surah Toorسُوْرَۃ الطُّور492+27
53Surah Najmسُوْرَۃُ النَّجْم622+27
54Sura Qamarسُوْرَۃُ القَمَر552+27
55Sura Rehmanسُوْرَۃ الرَّحْمَٰن78327
56Sura Waqiaسُوْرَۃُ الوَاقِعَة963+27
57Sura Hadeedسُوْرَۃُ الحَدِيد29427
58Sura Mujadilaسُوْرَۃُ المُجَادِلَة223+28
59Sura Hashrسُوْرَۃُ الحَشْر243+28
60Sura Mumtahanaسُوْرَۃُ المُمْتَحَنَة132+28
61Sura Saffسُوْرَۃُ الصَّفّ141+28
62Sura Jum’aسُوْرَۃُ الجُمُعَة111+28
63Sura Munafiqeenسُوْرَۃُ المُنَافِقُون111+28
64Sura Taghabunسُوْرَۃُ التَّغَابُن18228
65Sura Talaqسُوْرَۃُ الطَّلَاق12228
66Sura Tehreemسُوْرَۃُ التَّحْرِيم12228
67Sura Mulkسُوْرَۃُ المُلْك301+29
68Sura Qalamسُوْرَۃ القَلَم52229
69Sura Haaqqaسُوْرَۃ الحَاقَّة52229
70Sura Ma’arijسُوْرَۃُ المَعَارِج441+29
71Sura Noohسُوْرَۃ نُوح281+29
72Sura Jinnسُوْرَۃُ الجِنّ28229
73Sura Muzzammilسُوْرَۃُ المُزَّمِّل201+29
74Sura Muddassirسُوْرَۃُ المُدَّثِّر56229
75Sura Qiyamahسُوْرَۃُ القِيَامَة40129
76Sura Al Insaanسُوْرَۃُ الإِنْسَان31229
77Sura Mursalaatسُوْرَۃُ المُرْسَلَات501+29
78Sura Nabaسُوْرَۃُ النَّبَأ401+30
79Sura An Naaziatسُوْرَۃُ النَّازِعَات461+30
80Sura Abasaسُوْرَۃ عَبَسَ42130
81SuraTakweerسُوْرَۃُ التَّكْوِير29130
82Sura Infitarسُوْرَۃُ الإِنْفِطَار19½30
83Sura Mutaffifeenسُوْرَۃُ المُطَفِّفِين36130
84Sura Inshiqaaqسُوْرَۃُ الإِنْشِقَاق25130
85Sura Buroojسُوْرَۃُ البُرُوج22130
86Sura Tariqسُوْرَۃُ الطَّارِق17½30
87Sura A’alaسُوْرَۃُ الأَعْلَىٰ19½30
88Sura Ghashiaسُوْرَۃُ الغَاشِيَة26130
89Sura Fajrسُوْرَۃُ الفَجْر30130
90Sura Baladسُوْرَۃُ البَلَد20½30
91Sura Shamsسُوْرَۃُ الشَّمْس15½30
92Sura Al Lailسُوْرَۃُ اللَّيْل21½30
93Sura Zuhaسُوْرَۃُ الضُّحَىٰ11½30
94Sura Sharh (Inshirah)سُوْرَۃُ الشَّرْح830
95Sura Teenسُوْرَۃُ التِّين830
96Sura Alaqسُوْرَۃُ العَلَق19½30
97Sura Qadrسُوْرَۃُ القَدْر530
98Surah Bayyinahسُوْرَۃُ البَيِّنَة8130
99Surah Zalzalahسُوْرَۃُ الزَّلْزَلَة830
100Surah Aadiatسُوْرَۃُ العَادِيَات1130
101Surah Qariahسُوْرَۃُ القَارِعَة1130
102Sura Takasurسُوْرَۃُ التَّكَاثُر830
103Sura Asrسُوْرَۃُ العَصْر330
104Sura Humazaسُوْرَۃُ الهُمَزَة930
105Sura Feelسُوْرَۃُ الفِيل530
106Sura Quraishسُوْرَۃ قُرَيْش430
107Sura Maoonسُوْرَۃُ المَاعُون730
108Sura Kausarسُوْرَۃُ الكَوْثَر330
109Sura Kaafiroonسُوْرَۃُ الكَافِرُون630
110Sura Nasrسُوْرَۃُ النَّصْر330
111Sura Masadسُوْرَۃُ المَسَد530
112Sura Ikhlaasسُوْرَۃُ الإِخْلَاص430
113Sura Falaqسُوْرَۃُ الفَلَق530
114Sura Naasسُوْرَۃُ النَّاس630

Summary – Quran All Surah names

Quran is the holy book of Allah Subhana Hu wa Ta’ala (S.W.T). Holly Prophet Muhammad Sallalla hu Alaihi Wassallam (S.A.W) is the last prophet of Allah and Holy Quran is the last book of Allah SWT.  There are stories of Prophets A.S in Holy Quran. Out of 124,000 prophets names, list of 25 prophets mentioned in Quran. Muslims should give some time to recite these Quranic verses, on daily basis. These list of chapters in Holy Quran are guiding points for every Muslim.

There are 114 surahs in Holy Quran. These 114 surah names list help you find exact place of that surah in Holy Quran.

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