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NYS DMV Registration – How do you Register a Vehicle

If you want to use a vehicle in US or you purchase a vehicle. You must register your vehicle at DMV.NY.GOV.  The vehicle may be registered on the name of your company or on you own name.

You or your company must apply for registration and title on every vehicle you have or lease. Registrations don’t have to be made in the name of owner or only for one individual. If you purchase a brand new car through an auto dealer an auto dealer will name and register the car and also issue plates (and charge an amount to do this).

NY DMV Registration Process

In order to register your vehicle at DMY NY, you must follow the following process:

Make Sure Your Car Insured

You must make sure that you register your vehicle with the DMV within 180 days from the date of effective on the Insurance ID Card.

Send your documents as well as your application along with payment to DMV

Submit following things to DMV NY:

  • Your Application
  • All the documents
  • Payment to register

Documents From DMV NY

You may get NYC DMV Documents just after a few days of your registration on DMV.  You may get your DMV documents through mail.

  • About two or more plates for the period, you transfer your registration from another vehicle that is registered within New York.
  • A window sticker of registration.
  • Document of registration
  • If you did not purchase the car from a New York State auto dealer, you may get 10 day extension of inspection sticker.
  • a title certificate within 3 months, if applicable.

4: Have your car inspected

All vehicles that are registered within New York State must get an inspection for safety at an approved DMV inspection station. This inspection should be made every year. Inspection is also  mandatory in the case when the ownership of automobile transferred to the new owner of the vehicle.

Find out more about the requirements for inspection.

NYS DMV Vehicle License Fee to Register

DMV Vehicle License fee to register depend on various factors.  One of the factor is type of vehicle. Another factor is weight of vehicle.

When you register your vehicle for the very fist time registration fees typically include

  • The sales tax on sales
  • the cost of a plate for a vehicle (also known as a registration transfer fee)
  • the cost of a title certificate
  • the tax on vehicle is used in many countries.

Click here for NY DMV Fee and check the detail of vehicle license fees.

Mode of Payment

You can use different modes of payment

  • You can pay cash
  • Different Credit cards / Debit cards (American Express, Discover Card/Novus MasterCard, VISA)
  • You can also pay through a personal check in the name of “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”  or money order made payable in the name of Commissioner.
  • You can divide your payment between cash and checks.

Transfer the registration to an additional vehicle that you own

When you decide to sell or donate an automobile, you may change the registered number and plate to another automobile that you own. You will need to submit all the necessary documents to DMV office for registration of a vehicle together with a completed detail of transaction for the vehicle you just purchased…


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