NY DMV Registration Fees | How Much does it cost to Register a Car


 NYS DMV Registration Fees

The NY DMV registration fees depends on various factors.

  • For example one of the factor is type of vehicle. The vehicles may be Passenger vehicle, motor cycle, commercial vehicle, or pick up truck.
  • another factor is weight of your vehicle and
  • the area you reside.

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How Much Does It Cost To Register a Car

NY DMV Fees cannot be calculated before we select all these factors.

Cost on the Basis of Types of Vehicles

There are different types of vehicles which should be considered to calculate cost. You may choose one of the following options to select vehicle

  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Motor Cycle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • A Pick up truck which is also considered as passenger vehicle.

type of vehicle for NY DMV Fees

Weight of Vehicle

  • The weight of car itself without load is considered for calculating cost of registration. To find the weight without load look at the driver’s side door frame to find a label that reads “Title and Loading Information,” the owner’s manual or the websites of your car.
  • The term “Pick-up truck” refers to a “Pick-up truck registered as a passenger vehicle,” must be unladen to 6,001 pounds. or less.
  • The weight unladen of an automobile, other than motorcycles, has to be at least 1,400 pounds. or greater.

Weight of Vehicle + Weight of Load (Max Gross Weight – MGW)

The maximum Gross Weight (MGW) is the Weight of vehicle itself along with maximum weight of load the vehicle can carried.  The Maximum Gross weight should be less than 44,801 lbs.

Select Fuel Type

The fuel type may be Diesel, Electric, Gas etc.  You need to select the type of fuel used by your car.  Following are the types of fuel for selected vehicle.

fuel type for NYS DMV Registration Fees

How many Cylinders

You need to select number of Cylinders used by your vehicle. The number of cylinders may be 4 or less. Or more than 4.

number of cylinder NY DMV Registration Fees


  • If you took out a loan from a lender in order to purchase the car the lien will be on the car.
  • If the dealer is filing an enforcing lien on behalf of the lender then enter the amount of lien.

There may be following options.

No lien on vehicle, or lender has filled lien or dealer on behalf of lender has filled a lien.

Select the country of Registrant

Select the country (residence) of the registrant from selection box.

Original Registration or Transfer Registration

Initial registration – The dealer as well as the DMV can issue new registrations along with vehicle plates.

Transfer registrations and plates from an additional vehicle. plates are transferred to the original vehicle. New plates will not be issued. (You must fill out the form which is beneath the words “Registration Transfer”. The estimate includes the fee for transfer which is $10.00.)

Transfer registration of your vehicle, but you will receive new plates. The registration class for both cars is the same, however you’ll get new plates. (You must fill out this form, which is located under the words Registration Transfer. The estimated amount includes fee of $10.00 transfer fee as well as an additional fee for vehicle plates of $10.50 for a motorcycle , or $18.00 for other classes of registration.)

Check NY DMV Fees

How Much does it cost to Register a Car depends on all the above factors.

Click here to check NY DMV Fee of your Vehicle.


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