Driver & Vehicle DVLA Contact Email Address for Enquiries


DVLA Customer Services Email

If you are looking for DVLA contact email address or you have a question in your mind that how to contact DVLA by email then you should be clear that you cannot directly contact DVLA by email. You can also contact DVLA by phone.

There is now DVLA email address for provisional licence or full licence.  You may also looking for DVLA complaint email or DVLA email address for enquiries or DVLA customer services email.

DVLA official website provides you a different approach. Instead of contact DVLA email address for driving licence, you can select the options provided by DVLA to reach your problems. email for DVLA in this case is not required. DVLA webchat service is another popular way to contact DVLA.

DVLA Driving Licence Email Address

There is no separate DVLA tax email address or DVLA driving licence email address or DVLA medical contact email. You can also visit DVLA or write on DVLA post address.

DVLA Email Address For Enquiries

When you visit DVLA official site you will find there is no DVLA contact email address available to contact DVLA through email. Though you can use DVLA email service to communicate DVLA easily.

DVLA contact email addressThere are three options here.

  • You can either make vehicle enquiries,
  • driver enquires or
  • Welsh enuiries.

DVLA Contact Email Address for VEHICLE ENQUIRIES

If you select to make vehicle enquiries you will find driver and vehicle licensing agency email options.Vehicle Enquiries - driver and vehicle licensing agency email

Here you have various options.

  • You can check the status of application relating to vehicles
  • DVLA Tax email related inquiries and about SORN or tax refund.
  • Buying/Selling vehicle information. (Check how to tell DVLA about sold car)
  • Changing some personal detail replacement of some documents of vehicle
  • Importing a vehicle to Great Britain or Exporting vehicle from Great Britain
  • Penalties relating information
  • Request a document from DVLA

Email DVLA Driving Licence for DRIVER ENQUIRIES

GB Driving Licence Email Enquiry

If you hold GB driving licence, you can get an advice on how to apply for driving licence. Or you can check the status of your existing application. You can apply for licence online. You can get information for rectifying mistake on your licence. Or you may inquire about anything else.

Following diagram explain all the options you may choose at DVLA drivers enquiries.

GB Driving licence drivers enquiries process |  DVLA email address for enquiries about GB drivers

Non GB Driving Licence Email Enquiry

Following pic define all the options for non GB driving licence holder:

Non GB Driving Licence Email Enquiry

Email Address For DVLA Medical Department – Medical Enquiry

Following picture explain options if you choose “Drivers Medical” option

Email Address For DVLA Medical Department

DVLA Drving Test Email – Enquiry

dvla theory test email address

The last option is related to techograph card related info

email dvla driving licence for techograph card related queries

Click here

for  DVLA email contact



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    I just want to know the process of the my application for my provisonal licence I sent it off in September and I have not heard nothing back.


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