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How to Apply for New Provisional Licence

Are you ready to apply for new provisional driving licence?  It could be for various vehicles including

  • a car,
  • a motorbike,
  • moped

DVLA New Driving Licence Requirements

The process of  DVLA license renewal of less than 70 years licencee is different to the licence renewal over 70. While DVLA new driving licence process is a bit more detail one. You will need the following information for new licence:

  • Age limit: Minimum Age is 15 years and 9 months. So applicant must be of 15 years and 9 months or older.
  • Vision – read a number plate when you are 20 metres from it
  • Stay in UK – you need to have been legally residing in the UK for 185 days (or more) in the last year
  • ID – a copy of a document, such as your passport, to confirm your identity
  • Address – information regarding your addresses for the past 3 years.
  • You could be asked for additional documents; for example, a National Insurance Number (if you have one)

First, it is asked from you that do we have any Provisional driving licence before? If you choose yes, you will not eligible for licence. You will be eligible only if you have never been issued UK provisional liecence before.have you been issued with a Great Britian provisional driving licence before?

Then it enquirers about UK passport. UK passport is required for DVLA new licence.

do you have uk passport

Next question is about photo. Do you want same photo used in your Passport.

Do you want photo in your first uk provisional licence?

Your stay in UK must be at least 185 days in last year.

your stay in last 180 days in UK or not?

Did you stay outside Uk in last year (i.e in last twelve month)

have you lived outside uk in last year?

If you have stayed outside UK, you will have to mention the name of country.


You should not be declared as disqualified for driving in United Kingdom

You should not be declared as disqualifed for driving

Your eyesight should be up to the mark.

eyesite should be okay.

Provide your personal information like title, first and middle names, last name, and sex.

personal information in UK licence

your date of birth information for licence

Your date of Birth

Enter your postcode and press Find UK address.

find your address in uk

your address will be retreived. Now you confirm your address and press “Yes, continue” button.

Address Confirmation. Confirm your address

mention the duration of your residence


duration of residence

Enter your country name.

which country you born?

Enter your UK passport number.

enter your passport number.

This is how you fill your online form on DVLA. Apply for new driving licence must be clear from these pictures. Once you enter your application, you can track your licence through DVLA provisional licence tracking

Cost of DVLA New Driving Licence

applying online will cost 34 pounds.  Various cards can be used including Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Delta credit or debit

Confirmation of DVLA New License Application

Once the application process is complete you will receive an email from DVLA confirming your application.  One week later, if no additional checks are needed, you licence should arrive.

Now, you have a provisional licence – what can you drive?

The rules depend on both your age and the type of vehicle you want to drive.

Once you have your driving licence, and your address changes. you can change address of your DVLA provisional licence.

Further information is available on the website.

Go to the website for DVLA and apply online.



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