DVLA – Renew Driving Licence at 70 / Over 70 Online / Post Office


DVLA – Renew Driving Licence at 70

There may be delays in renewing your licence at the moment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

If your age is less than 70, you can visit DVLA Renew Driving Licence for instructions about renewal. Here in this article you will get instructions about  DVLA renew driving licence at 70 or for age of more than 70 years.

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If you are now 70, or will turn 70 within the next 90 days, renewing your licence online with DVLA is free. If your licence expires on or later than January 1, 2021, you can renew it using the normal processes. You can check your licence through DVLA provisional licence tracking.

DVLA Renew Driving Licence Over 70

Are you over 70? DVLA renew your licence online through gov.uk

Did your driving licence expire between February 1 and December 31, 2020?

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) your driving licence, which allows you to drive a vehicle in the UK was automatically extended for 11 months.  The 11 months started from the date your licence was going to expire.

As part of this automatic extension, you will not receive a new licence.  You still need to renew it.

Go online any time before your extension ends and renew your licence.

If you have any query, you may contact DVLA webchat

Process of Online DVLA Licence Renewal Over 70

Online process for those who are 70, or turn 70 in the next 90 days

  • Your licence (British) has expired or will do so in the next 90 days
  • You must be a resident of Great Britain (not Northern Ireland, where there is a different service)
  • You must have a vision check and meet the minimum requirements
  • There are no other reasons that would prevent you from driving

After reaching 70, you will need to renew your licence every 3 years.

Photos can be changed as you are renewing your licence.

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Renew Driving Licence At 70 At Post Office

Online service is not available for some vehicles – medium-sized vehicles, C1 or a minibus D1.  You can DVLA renew licence at 70 years, through post offices.

How Renew 1st time at the age of 70

  • It is possible to apply for the D46P by post by completing the D46P application form.
  • You will receive an application form for 90 days in advance of your 70th birthday.
  • After you reach the age of 70, you’ll have to renew your driving license
  • Make use of the driving licence renewal form D1 to apply for a driving license.
  • if you’ve not received an D46P form.It is available in most post offices
  • It could take more than 3 weeks to obtain your new license due to the COVID-19.

How to Renew again after the age of 70

  • Once you have renewed your DVLA driving license at 70, you’ll have to renew your driving license every three years.
  • The DVLA will send it automatically.
  • You will receive a D46P application form 90 days prior to the expiry of your licence.
  • Again if you do not receive your form, you can get it from post office.

You will need following before DVLA renewing driving licence at 70

To register – an email address, a list of places where you have lived during the last 3 years, National Insurance Number, a valid passport issued by the UK, if you wish to change the photo on your licence.

A confirmation email from DVLA will be sent to you.  Sometimes they may ask you to take part in research, but this is not compulsory to complete.

Click here for renew online

Can I drive while waiting for my renewal?

The following conditions need to be met:

  • Your doctor supports you driving
  • Your previous licence is valid
  • You only drive under the same conditions of your previous licence
  • Application must be less than 12 months old
  • You didn’t lose your previous licence, or are currently disqualified.

Can I continue to drive abroad?

You will not be able to drive abroad on these extensions.  If you need to drive abroad, you will need to renew you licence in order to drive abroad.  It should only take one week for your licence to arrive if you renew it online.



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