Tell DVLA I Sold My Car Or Bought A Car


Tell DVLA I Sold My Car

You have to tell DVLA “I sold my car”. Whenever you tell DVLA that you have sold the vehicle you should also provide them complete information about full name and address of purchaser of your car. This step is mandatory. If you fail to provide proper information to DVLA, any car tax refund that you’re due could be affected.

How to Tell DVLA That You Have Sold a Car

The process in which you tell DVLA “Sold my car” include following steps.

  • Complete the ‘permanent export’ section in your log book for your vehicle.
  • Send it to the following address
    • DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD.
  • Include a note stating the name of the buyer and his/her address.
  • Don’t forget to give the remainder part of the logbook to the purchaser as they’ll require it to get the car registered within the nation they’re moving to.

It is clear that inform DVLA, sold car and buyer information is a simple process. If you still find some problem, contacting DVLA Phone number is a best option for you. If phones are busy you may contact DVLA WebChat service live.

In Case You are Motor Trader.

What If you are a motor trader or motor auctioneer or salvage dealer then you should tell that you are motor trader.

motor trader tell dvla sold car

In next step you will tell that you have sold out vehicle out of trade.

motor trader tell dvla about sold car out of trade

You will have to provide the trader detail and postcode to DVLA.


If you are an Individual

You have to tell that you are not a trader.

Tell DVLA Sold Car if you are individual

The next option you will have to choose is to tell that you sold your car to a dealer or an individual

dvla sold car to-individual-or-trader2

There is no need to create a SORN to a car you’ve already sold. Instead you just Tell DVLA sold car buyer information.  Tell DVLA “I have sold my car” though, is a simple step. But many people ignore this little step.

Tell DVLA I Bought A Car

When you sale your car you have to inform DVLA that you have sold your car. Similarly when you have to buy a car, you have to tell DVLA “I bought a car”.  Whenever you tell DVLA “bought a car information”.

If you are motor dealer or car buying service and you bought a vehicle into the trade. You must have to mention the name of the company where you sold your vehicle and postal code.

If you personally want to visit DVLA office for telling them that you have bought a car, you may contact DVLA driving licence postal address.

Tell DVLA Online about Sale and Purchase of Vehicle

You can tell DVLA online about vehicle you have sold, bought or transferred.  Tell DVLA I have sold my car or tell DVLA that I have bought a car online service is available since 2015. Since 2015, more than 40 million people have used this service. So this online tell DVLA sold my car or tell DVLA bought a car service is very handy way to inform DVLA about sale & purchase made.

You can get some more information here.

When you tell DVLA you sold your car using the online service, the DVLA database is immediately updated and you will receive immediate confirmation via email, without needing to mail any documents via mail.


This service is available in the following timings

7AM to 7PM

(Also available on week days)

Click here to use this service

Notifying DVLA that you’ve made a change to the vehicle you drive, is now more efficient and simpler than it’s ever been, due to this service.


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