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DVLA Provisional Licence Tracking

If you live in GB and want you licence, you can order new licence at DVLA. Once you’ve completed an online application for your driving licence you can follow this process for DVLA provisional licence tracking.

If you are less than70 years, you can Renew Driving Licence at gove.uk . If your age is above 70, then click DVLA renew driving licence at 70 for completes instructions.

Tracking provisional driving licence is an easy and straight forward process.

Provisional Driving Licence – Check your Application

You’ll require your 14-digit application reference number to check provisional licence. This number was sent to you when you submitted your application and is usually 14 digit long.

make use of this service to monitor your application.  You may also need to enter following information.

  • Application Reference Number
  • Surname
  • postcode

See Also: DVLA provisional licence change of address

check provisional licence | dvla provisional tracking

The average time to get your driver’s licence within one week of completing the online application.

If you’ve sent any documents via post, it will take longer than normal to process your application. The reason of delay is presence  of COVID-19.

In the event that your number of reference is 14-digits and doesn’t start with ‘FP’, then just click here for DVLA tracking provisional licence

DVLA Provisional Tracking for applications that include the reference number ‘FP’

If you’ve already submitted an online provisional licence application, you may use this application service:

  • Check provisional driving licence application status
  • Upload a brand new signature
  • in order to change your address information

dvla provisional license tracking & check

DVLA Provisional License Tracking  in case of Reference Number ‘FP’

Following information is required to enter for DVLA provisional licence check

  • the reference number for your application it was emailed to you following your application and begins with the letter ‘FP’, followed by the letters 10 (for example the FPAB-ABCDABCD)
  • You last addresses. The addresses in which you’ve resided over the past 3 years.
  • Your Insurance number
  • your UK passport number

In the event that your application reference begins with the letter ‘FP’, you can click here to monitor your application.


  1. Applied for my provisional license in October 2021 and it’s now March 2022 and still waiting, it is taking so long and other peoples are coming way before mine when I applied before them?


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