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Changing Address On Provisional Licence

If you live in UK, and you want DVLA provisional licence change of address, you are at the right place. Here you will learn how to update address on provisional license.

For more information you may contact DVLA by phone

Note: if you do not have licence so far, you can apply for new provisional licence

Tell DVLA Change Of Address

When you change your address, you must tell DVLA about change of address.  In this regard you must perform following changes:

  • Change address on provisional license & full driving licence.
  • Update V5C (vehicle log book)
  • Update Direct Debit if you pay tax by Direct Debit
  • Update V750 or V778 documents in case of private registeration number

1. DVLA Provisional Licence Change Of Address – ONLINE

update / changing address on provisional licence | change address on provisional license

You may have full driving licence or provisional. Change address is a free service.

See also: DVLA licence renewal online

Full Driving Licence & Provisional Driving License Change Address – REQUIREMENTS

Following are the requirements of DVLA change of address provisional & full driving licence.

  • You have got a driving licence
  • You should have residance in UK
  • You have to provide your addresses of last three years
  • You must have to provide your driving licence number
  • You have to provide your passport number

What If you also want to change your photo

There are some cases when you have to change your photo.  For example you are about to change your address and you licence is still valid for two more years. In this case you will have to renew your picture also.

Following are the requirements you have to fullfilled for changing photo

  • You can choose exact picture as you have already used in your passport  or
  • You can send a fresh picture with size of 45mm high x 35mm wide
  • You have to Send passport style picture
  • £14 cost

If you have send you application, you may click here for provisional driving licence check.

In order to change provisional license address click here

2. Change Address On Driving Licence By Post Office

You can also change address on driving licence by post.  It takes more time to change driving licence address by post.

Change Address On Photocard Driving Licence

Following is the process:

  • Find out ‘changes’ section, complete that section on the letter D741 that came with your license. If you don’t already have driver’s licence D741, you cang get D1 & D2 licence applications form from post offices. D1 forms are for  motorcycles and cars, or D2 for buses and lorries.
  • You can then send the driving licence photocopy along with the original letter to DVLA . The address is as follows

DVLA Swansea
SA99 1BN

  • If you want to change your photo also, you need to provide following things
    • Fill D1 form
    • Recent passport style photo (size: 45mm high x 35mm wide) or
    • same photo you have already used in your passport
    • £17 through Master Card, Visa, Credit Card, Delta or Electron
    • No fees for 70+ or in case of short period licence. (Click here for information about renew driving licence at 70)

Change Address On Paper Driving Licence

Change of address on paper driving licence process is different.  You are required to send following details to DVLA :

  • Completed Form D1 ‘ to obtain motorbike and car licences or a filled out form D2 ” for the lorry/bus licence’ to apply for bus and lorry licenses. Both forms are available at post office.
  • your driving license
  • Original document that identify your identity
  • a passport photograph

Returning Driving Licence to DVLA after Change of Address

You are required to submit your old driving licence to DVLA after change of address.



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