DVLA – Replacement Provisional Licence – Lost/Stolen License


Process of Replacement Provisional Licence

Here is a place where you will find information about DVLA lost driving licence replacement. Provisional licence or full licence may be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. You may apply for provisional licence replacement for DVLA Lost provisional license or DVLA stolen licence.

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DVLA Lost Provisional License

I have lost my provisional licence, now, what should I do?

It is recommended to contact the police in the event that your driving licence has lost or stolen.

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DVLA Replacement Licence Cost

DVLA replacement licence cost is 20 pounds.  The amount can be paid through following methods:

  • Master card,
  • Credit card,
  • Delta debit
  • Visa or
  • Electron

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Apply for Provisional Licence Replacement

Apply Online

DVLA rRplace Driving Licence - DVLA stolen licence

Following are requirements for DVLA license replacement online.

  • Must be resident of Great Britain
  • cannot be banned from driving due to any reason.
  • pay the fees
  • Provide addresses where you’ve lived over the past 3 years.
  • Give your driver’s license number.
  • Provide your National Insurance number
  • Provide passport number
  • You can use your passport picture to obtain your new license.

Note: DVLA They will notify you that a suitable image isn’t available. They’ll mail you a request form that allows you to send them a new image.

Click here for full or provisional driving licence replacement

Once you have sent your application, You will receive an email confirmation from DVLA about your application. You can also track your DVLA driving license

What if you find your lost / stolen licence

If you find your DVLA lost driving license later, you have to return that previous licence with explanation. You may return your licence to the following address:

SA99 1AB

Making an application by phone – Photocard Driving Licence

You can apply for photocard driving licence through telephone only if you do not want any changes(s) in your new card.  Due to COVID-19, the phone lines are currently too much busy.

You are not able to apply over the phone in following cases:

  • If you have a licence that is in a state of disrepair, or
  • if it expires less than 60 days (90 days if it’s due to expiration because of health reasons).

Apply by Postal Service

The process is taking more time than normal to process applications that are sent via post

For a motorbike or car licence, fill out form D1 ‘Application to obtain a driving licence’. To apply for a bus or lorry license, fill in the form D2 ‘Application

Then, send you application form to the contact address indicated on the form, along with the appropriate fee (also as indicated on the application form).

If your name has changed, you’ll need to provide the original documents to confirm that.

Paper Driving Licence

It is possible to apply via mail if you’ve got an original driving licence.

For paper driving licence, form D1 or D2 is used as mentioned in “apply by postal service” portion.

You’ll need to do:

  • An original document that prove identity of applicant
  • passport photo
  • Include your licence in your document in the event that it’s damaged.
  • Send applications to the email address indicated on the form with the appropriate fee (also in the form)

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