Can I Travel To USA From UK? | What Do I Need? Update


Can I Travel To USA From UK? – Current Travel Advice

In current COVID conditions, you may have a question “Can I travel to USA from UK?”.

The answer is, Yes, you can travel to USA from UK.

More 3.8 million British people travel from UK to USA every year without any problem.

The British citizen need visa to enter in USA. You should check the type of visa which is appropriate in your case.

As per updates of November 3, 2021.  There were changes to entry requirements as of November 8 – this includes children who were under 18.

The advice includes mainland USA and all other US territories, including the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico.

COVID-19 – Restrictions On Entry To The USA

Always check for updates before travelling.

  • Until November 8 2021 British citizens who have been in the UK, Ireland, the Schengen Zone, Iran Brazil, China, South Africa or India during the past 14 days are not able to enter the US.
  • Restrictions for fully vaccinated foreigners will be lifted on November 8 2021
  • Covid-19 tests are required no more than 72 hours before your flight and you need a record of negative status
  • You must wear mask at air port and in aeroplane.

How to Travel From UK To USA

You can travel from UK to USA through different means of transport.

Travelling to and from the UK

Always check for the regular updates:

  • Check travel advice for country you are travelling to.
  • You must have US DVLA International Driving Permit.
  • Check on COVID-19 requirements
  • Check on what is required when you are returning to the UK
  • Do you have your NHS COVID Pass? Some countries will require this as proof of vaccination status.

If you are returning to the UK and you are fully vaccinated you will need to have a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of your arrival and complete a form that shows your location in the UK.  You can decide if you want a PCR or lateral flow test.  Even if you are transiting in the UK, these tests are still required.

If your test is positive, you will need to quarantine for 10 days; check if this includes other members of your family.

You will need to check the government website to check which countries have been designated as ‘red’ before arriving in England.

Travelling To The UK – Not Fully Vaccinated

  • Check all requirements and updates
  • In the 72 hours before you travel you need a COVID-19 test
  • You need additional tests on Day 2 and Day 8 after your arrival in the UK – these must be PCR tests, and you will need to pay for them.
  • You need a completed location form – 48 hours before arrival
  • You will also need to quarantine for 10 full days.
  • If you are transiting in the UK, you still need to quarantine during the time you are in the UK.

What Do I Need To Travel To USA From UK? –

  • If you are looking forward to travel on car, you must have British licence to drive abroad.
  • Passport is required to travel to the USA from UK. You should check whether your passport is valid or not.  It should not expire during your stay in USA.
  • You must complete all the documents required to travel.
  • You cannot enter just on the base of UK Emergency Travel Document (ETD) in US. If you have ETD, you must also need visa. In that case you will have to apply for Visa for USA from USA Embassy. Applying visa is a time taking process.
  • There are restrictions on import of certain medicines in US. If you want to take you medicine with you, you should check whether those medicines are allowed by US Food and Drug Organization.
  • Children under 18 can be traveled with both mother and father. In case there is only one of them. Either mother or father. Or in some cases if a a child is travelling with his/her guardian then his guardian may be asked to submit some documents.

You may click here for more information.

Other Things To Remember

  • Protests do occur in the US, and at times they can be violent. If you are in a protest and it becomes difficult, move from the area.
  • Snowstorms also can disrupt infrastructure, including cuts to power and cancellation of transport
  • There could be terrorist attacks. It is important to keep up to date with media reports.
  • You need to be aware of the danger associated with car and street crime.
  • Hurricane season – 1 June to 30 November on the Atlantic side and 15 May to 2 November for the Pacific side.
  • If you need emergency help, contact the nearest British Embassy, British Consulate, or the British High Commission.

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