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In order to drive abroad you need your Great Britain (or Northern Ireland) licence with you. If you do not have driving licence you can apply for new provisionl licence.  Ensure it is still valid, and if it is close to expiring, or has expired, apply for a renewal online.  Remember it could take a week before you receive your updated licence.

DVLA Moving Abroad on Your own Vehicle

Make sure you have your log book (V5C) and a certificate of insurance.

DVLA Driving Abroad  – Taking a Hire Car

You will need to ensure you have a VE103 certificate.

Do you need DVLA International Driving Licence / Permit (IDP)?

 If you are moving abroad you may not need an IDP.  Check DVLA International Driving Permit countries for a list of countries where IDP is required.

They are available at Post Offices, and you may need separate IDPs for each country.

You can arrange for an appropriate licence once you have moved.

Overseas Rules for Drivers

Once you are overseas, check all the driving rules.  The local speed restrictions, and the laws for drink driving.  You could be fined.

Other requirements could be needed:

  • Additional equipment, such as reflective jackets and warning triangles
  • Some European cities require emission stickers, or permits – these may need to be purchased before you leave
  • Stickers for headlight converters
  • A sticker that shows you are from the UK

If you hire a care, all these additional requirements are your responsibility.

see also: travel by ship from UK to USA

Are you driving your own vehicle?  Check your insurance.

 UK vehicle insurance provides you with the minimum of third party cover when you are driving in EU countries.  Check to see if your insurance will cover any extras such as damage or theft.

In most EU countries you do not need to carry a green card, but a valid vehicle insurance certificate is still needed.

Some countries – Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iran, Israel, Moldovia, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine – require a green card.

Are you towing a trailer of a caravan abroad?

You may need to register a trailer before taking it abroad.

Some countries do not require you to have a green card.  They include the EU, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland.

You may need to get additional insurance. Check before you travel.

Are you hiring a car abroad?

You will need you driving licence and this can be arranged with the country you are going to 21 days before you leave.  Check with the company regarding insurance.

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