Education is the Priority for 2017-2018


Mohammad Rafique Khattak, who is director of the Education Department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, spoke recently about the Government’s plans to focus more on providing an excellent education to students in all parts of Pakistan.

Education is the Priority for 2107/2018

He spoke at a competition for athletes from public schools around the country. He discussed the Department of Education and its plan to hire more than 40,000 teachers of both genders so that the public schools around the country will have the staff needed to educate students.

According to Mohammad Rafique Khattak, these 40,000 educators of both genders will be hired into the Department of Education by the end of the school fiscal year which is at the beginning of the summer of 2017. There are also plans to hire another 15,000 educators during the following fiscal year of 2017 and 2018.

The plan that the Department of Education came up with also includes centralizing students into several schools which will eliminate the schools where the student population numbers are down. There are many schools where the student populations are quite low despite the number of children and youth in the area that are of school age. The plan, according to Mr. Khattak from the Department of Education, is to move students to the more populated schools and sell the abandoned building.

Mr. Khattak also spoke highly of the efforts of the athletes who participated in the sports events at the ceremony. He said it was good to see both girls and boys participating in the sports and said that the Department of Education plans on encouraging both genders to participate in sports and other outdoor activities in the school. The government was excited to proclaim the next year as the year of education for all.


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