What is Wrong with the Educational System in Pakistan?


Every single person who lives in Pakistan deserves a good education and the government is responsible for making sure this is available.

What is Wrong with the Educational System in Pakistan?

The main factor behind any successful country is having well-educated citizens. The educational system in Pakistan has several problems that need to be addressed for the benefit of both the citizens and the nation as a whole.

Main Problems in the Educational System of Pakistan

The four main problems are as follows:

  1. Differences between public and private education.
  2. Lack of Government fundings.
  3. The Government level of poverty in the country and
  4. outdated curriculum used by public schools.

Difference Between Public and Private Education

In the last 10 years, a large number of private schools have been created in Pakistan and many families are sending their children to these schools. Parents who can afford private school for their children can be assured their students will have everything they need to become well educated.

The children who attend public schools, though, have to deal with a lot is issues including lack of access to the basics like desks and chairs as well as lack of access to specialty educational programs. The state, at this time, is not able to offer students whose parents cannot afford the expensive private schools the same type of education. This means that many children are not getting the education they deserve.

Pakistan needs to find a way to fund education so all children, regardless of the wealth of their parents, have access to the same type of education.

Lack of Government Funding

This leads to the second problem which is a lack of government funding for education in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks very low for spending on education which is why their schools are having so many issues. Public schools in Pakistan cannot afford to pay teachers what they are worth so they are not getting the best teachers. There are a lot of issues with the teachers of public schools, that need to be addressed. This could be done by having money to pay better, more well-educated teachers.

The public schools do not recruit the best teachers.  The teachers that students deserve unless they are willing to pay a living wage. It is very important that Pakistani Government find a way to better fund public education by increasing the budget by as much as 5%.

General Level of Poverty

The poverty level in Pakistan is very concerning and that affects students who attend the schools. When families are so poor they cannot buy the basic things they need to take care of their children. In that case, education becomes something that is not very important.

Poor families often choose to educate their children in seminaries because it is the cheapest option. The seminaries in Pakistan do not do a very good job of educating the students who attend their schools because they have even less funding than the public school systems. That means the children receive a very poor quality education.

Outdated Curriculum

Lastly, the curriculum used in the public schools of Pakistan is very old and not at all relevant for society today. The educational programs, used in the schools, teaches very old methods and does not educate students on what is currently going on in society today. The children are not learning about the new technology developments or important life skills they need in society today.

There is a lot of gender bias in the programs used in the public schools in Pakistan which is a big problem. Women are almost 75% less likely than males to be able to read and write because of the way in which the curriculum teaches students.

Women don’t just stay at home and raise children anymore so the educational programs need to include them and make sure they are able to get a job and take care of a family as well as a man.

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  1. This is truth of the day,the way we imparting education in public school full of rust and outdated vs private schools.
    This is tyranny of the day.We need to think over reforms our syllabus as per the requirement of the new era, especially concentrate on ICT.


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