Emails and Schools – How Can We Make It Effective


Emails and Schools – How can we make this communication effective?

Communication between families, schools and peers has opened up a new world for educators in our schools.  Although it is easy to maintain good communication links, there are some simple tips to keep the communication respectful and professional.

  • Use the language of a professional – you are not necessarily writing to close friends
  • Remember to keep private information just that – private. You can always call or meet in  person if needed
  • Keep to the message and make it simple so there are no misunderstandings
  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation – don’t be too informal
  • Check that it will appear professional – choose your font carefully.
  • Don’t write it all in capital letters
  • Ensure your reader understands any abbreviations or symbols you might use
  • Save the emoticons for your close friends
  • Much of our direct communication with people is non-verbal, so beware of your tone when writing, and avoid the use of jokes, etc. – you don’t want people to misconstrue your meaning
  • Junk mail is just that – don’t use it in your professional capacity when emailing
  • Think about your emails, and if you want to learn more, search the internet for more great tips

Emails and Schools
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