How can improve the quality of education in our country?


Importance of Education

Education has the power to change one’s life and have a profound impact on those around you including your family.  There is no doubt that it has a powerful effect.

Poor Education in Pakistan

Importance of Education

For that reason it was disappointing to see a recent UNESCO report showing that Pakistan is a country with vast inequalities in education.  Girls in particular, don’t have the same experiences with education.  The same report notes that two thirds of the children not attending school in Pakistan are girls.

Impact of Poor Education in Pakistan

What impact does this have on a country?  A poor quality education, or no education, impacts a country in many ways.  From an economic viewpoint, it lowers competition, and undermines all attempts to assist people to move out of poverty.  The alarming statistics presented in the ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) suggested that literacy levels had actually decreased in the past 3 years.  This will have an impact on social issues as well as economic areas.  It means that children from our country will not have the skills to survive in the world today.  Their literacy levels and numeracy skills will allow children from other areas of the world to move ahead, while ours will remain in poverty.

Education is Necessary for us

As the world deals with extremists and radicals, it is even more important that our children are educated.  It is a basic human right and gives our children opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

How to Improve Education

How to Improve EducationThe big question is what to do now.  The education system needs revitalisation and this will cost the country now, but the results will help all children and our country to participate effectively in the future.  One part of the intervention needs to put the emphasis on the outcomes of an education.

Proper Training for Teachers

There is little doubt that facilities, such as toilets, and learning resources, are important, but they don’t give us the learning that is needed.  Teachers without thorough training who are not capable of delivering all aspects of education will not bring the results that are needed.  Absenteeism of teachers is a problem for Pakistan.  This problem and others need to be addressed if we are to improve the outcomes for our children.  It is crucial that teachers are well trained, that they are responsible for better outcomes, and there is an opportunity for them to develop their own career plan.  There is much anecdotal evidence of the influence a teacher can have on children.  Our children today need a quality education, and the first thing that needs to happen is a complete revival of the education system in our country.


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