Information Technology Park to be built in Hyderabad


While addressing Hyderabad’s business community, Brian Heath, the US Consul General at Karachi, announced that the United States is making an effort to construct an (IT) Information Technology Park in Hyderabad.  This was also released by the Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Shareholders and investors from the US are beginning to take an interest in investing in Pakistan.

Information Technology Park to be built in Hyderabad, Information Technology Park in Hyderabad

The Consul General has been on a tour to the interior of Sindh.  During this trip he visited several places including the US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies at one of the universities in Jamshoro,  where they are investigating water issues.  While there he met with 20 academics who are on their way to the US to take part in a research exchange.

Heath stressed the importance of empowering women in Pakistan to help solve the issues over water.

The agreement between the US and Pakistan permits the University of Utah to education and train 250 academics from MUET.  This is an additional agreement to that already in place between the US and the University of Engineering and Technology and the National University of Science and Technology.  There has been a further $20 million given to the UET in Peshawar to continue this research into Pakistan’s energy sector.

Information Technology Park in Hyderabad


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