Intel donates PCS Lab to a government school


Intel donates PCS Lab to a government school in Karachi, Pakistan

Although computer education has become an important element in schooling, the cost of providing the necessary equipment is prohibitive, leaving many students without access.  The government schools should have at least one subject related to computing in the primary and secondary curriculum.

Intel donates PCS Lab to a government school in Karachi Pakistan

The Pakistan division of Intel is trying to help these schools.  A government run Public School and College was the recipient of a complete PC Lab (Intel-powered PCs with Wi-Fi).

Intel World Ahead Program

The Intel World Ahead Program
The Intel World Ahead Program

Intel developed a program called ‘The Intel World Ahead Program’.  This program is working in more than 70 countries to give people the opportunity to be part of the digital world.  Through this program Intel are ensuring that people, businesses and governments have access to the right technology.  The aim is to improve education and healthcare, as well as stimulating the economies and generally improve lives.  Their work with NGOs, governments and industries has given Intel the chance to increase access to technology.


Classmate PCs in Pakistan

Intel Classmate PC in PakistanThe PCs donated to the school in Pakistan are called Classmate PCs.  They have full PC functionality and are tough, reasonably priced, with touch screens, and are student friendly.  Through these PCs students can research for the latest information and create their own content.  Teachers can create individual instructions and encourage learning based on problem solving.  The aim in Pakistan is to assist students to become more aware in the global communityClassmate PCs in Pakistan

‘ICT for Education’ commenced in Pakistan in 2007, with Intel planning to donate 4,500 computers over 5 years to assist in decreasing the digital divide.  So far 2,385 Classmate PCs have been donated to schools in Pakistan.  Intel is also working with the Pakistani government to initiate e-learning platforms for students at government school over a longer term.

In addition to the provision of the PCs, Intel is backing this up by providing training for teachers.

(Article: Intel donates PCS Lab to a government school in Karachi, Pakistan)



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