Confidence will help you at College – Learn to be confident


Confidence will help you at College

Confidence can help you succeed. A lack of confidence can stop you reaching your dreams. When you are confident you can do almost anything. You aren’t scared, you are strong. Those feelings of fear and worry that you won’t be able to do something are often related to a lack of confidence.

Confidence will help you at College – Learn to be confident

Learn to be confident

Learn to be confident with these 7 easy tips.

Do-things-not-always-comfortable-for-you1. Do things that are not always so comfortable for you.

By moving away from your zone of comfort you are challenging yourself and succeeding with small things will give you the confidence to try other challenges.

2. Be true to yourself2. Be true to yourself.

Develop your own personal style, rather than copying others. Select clothes and a look that is you, not somebody else. It is your life.

3. Choose clothes carefully.

Your clothes can tell something about how you feel about yourself, and others may notice this. If you look good to yourself, you will exude more confidence.

4. Stand tall.

Good posture shows confidence. Slouching your shoulders or moving lazily tends to suggest you are not confident in yourself. Stand tall.

Stay in the front in classroom5. Stay in the front.

Many people move to the back of the room for a lecture, for example. Sitting in the front suggests you are not afraid, and don’t mind people noticing you.

6. You are not alone.

Most students go through times when they feel it is all too hard. When feeling like this, remember it is not uncommon, and move on.

7. Select subjects carefully.

Choose something you are good at, or interested in. It doesn’t help if you are trying to do something you know you are not good at.

Most of us are confident in some areas, and not so confident in others. Remember the things you can do well, as this is the key to doing well.


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