IT City in Sindh to be named after Arfa Karim


The development of a new Information Technology City in Malir will be named after Arfa Karim Randhawa, who was a well-known genius from Pakistan.
IT City in Sindh to be named after Arfa Karim
In 2004 when she received the Microsoft Certified Professional certificate she was the youngest recipient ever.  This will be the second IT Park named after the late Arfa Karim Randhawa, the first being in Lahore.

it-city-sindh-arfa-karimThis was announced at a meeting between the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Dr Sikander Ali Shoro, the Minister for Science and Technology in Sindh.

The project development can be followed on the official website of the Sindh Ministry.  The first phase, which involved the securing of the 200 acres of land and the development of the plan, is almost complete.  The following steps include finding investors and then the construction of the IT Tower.

The Minister stressed the focus on e-governance, which is being encouraged across different departments in the government.  The ministry is continuing its work on the Geographical Information System (GIS), as well as providing assistance in creating data banks and upgrading other IT services.


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