Names of Sahaba in Quran – Sahabi Name Mentioned in Quran


Sahabi Name Mentioned in Quran

In quran, which sahabi names appear?

The answer is that, by name, there is only one name of sahabi in Quran, and that is Hazrat Zaid bin Harisa (Zayd bin Harithah) Razi Allah Anhu.

After Khatija Razi Allah Anha and Ali Razi Allah Anho, Zaid Bin Harisa was the third person who accepted Islam. Zaid Razi Allah Anhu was actually the slave of Khatija Razi Allah Anha. Khatija Razi Allah Anha gifted Zaid Razi Allah to Hazrat Muhammad Sallala ho Alaihi Wassallum. Nabi S.A.W freed him and adopted him as his own son.

Name of Sahaba in Quran

sahabi name mentioned in Quran

Zaid’s (RA) name in Quran is in the 37th Ayat of 33rd Surah (Sura e Ahzab) 21 Para.source:

Translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani

(Remember) when you (O Prophet,) were saying to the one who was favored by Allah and favored by you, 16 “Keep your wife to yourself, and fear Allah.” And you were concealing in your heart what Allah was going to reveal, and you were fearing people, while Allah is more entitled to be feared by you. So, when Zaid finished his desire for her, We gave her into your marriage, so that there may not be a problem for the believers in marrying wives of their adopted sons when they finish their desire for them; and Allah’s decree had to be enforced.

Names of Sahabiyat in Quran

As we have seen that there is only one sahabi name in Quran, But when we talk about the names of sahabiyat in Quran, there is no such name of sahabia in Quran.

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