Ongoing issues in Education of Pakistan


Ongoing issues in Education of Pakistan

Education is a basic human right; strong and successful nations are comprised of a population that is educated.  Education can lead to progress and from there to a successful nation.

Ongoing issues in Education of pakistan

UNESCO regularly ranks countries in relation to their education systems.  At present Pakistan is at 113th position out of 120 members of the United Nations.

The issues:

  1. Pakistan’s education system has not reached international standards; there are serious problems that must be solved. Most of the citizens are deprived of a proper education.
  2. Inequality – the private and public sectors of education and producing very different educational outcomes. The growth area of private schools has led to vast differences between the two systems.
  3. Regional disparity – schools in some areas have better facilities than their counterparts in other areas.
  4. Lack of technical education.
  5. Funding for education is very low.
  6. Untrained teachers and unregistered schools.

Until these issues are resolved Pakistan will continue to struggle with high illiteracy rates.

Possible solutions:

  1. Additional funding.
  2. Streamlining of the syllabus so all provinces in Pakistan are teaching the same curriculum.
  3. Standards in government schools need to be raised so they are equal to those in private schools.
  4. Provision of technical education.
  5. Professional development for teachers.

If these issues are addressed, Pakistan could improve its standing in education.


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