Past Paper 10th Biology Lahore 2016 Group 2 (English Medium)


Past Paper 10th Biology Lahore 2016 Group 2 OBJECTIVE

Following are some of the questions of Biology 10th Lahore Board paper of 2016 group 2:

  • Who processed fermentation?
  • What is alternate form of gene?
  • What is amount of water in the urine as per normal chemical composition?
  • What is quantity of glucose maintained in every 100 ml of human blood concentration?
  • What is the part of the brain responsible for muscle movement, interpretation of the senses and the memory?

Past Paper 10th Biology Lahore 2016 Group2 Objective

Past Paper 10th Biology Lahore 2016 Group 2 SUBJECTIVE

Some of the subjective questions are as follows:

  • Why does blood become thick due to smoking?
  • What is the difference between flexor and extensor muscle?
  • What are the effects of global warming?
  • What is difference between self-pollination and cross pollination?
  • What is meant by analgesics? Give an example
  • How plants remove extra carbon dioxide and oxygen outside?
  • Write a note on batch fermentation and continuous fermentation in fermenter.
  • Write the procedure of experiment conducted to identify the presence of carbon dioxide in air exhaled from lungs.


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