Past Paper 10th Biology Lahore 2016 Group 1 (English Medium)


Past Paper Class 10 Biology Lahore Board 2016 OBJECTIVE Type Group 1 (English Medium)

Following are some questions from Biology class 10 paper of Lahore board 2016, group 1:

  • For gaseous exchange the leaves and young stems have in their epidermis?
  • The skeleton found outside the body is called?
  • What is simple and most common way of asexual reproduction in bacteria?
  • What is the color of Calyx, the outer most whorl of the flower?
  • What is transmission of characters (Traits) from parent to offspring?
  • When was complete map of human genome published?
  • When Sir Alexander Fleming was awarded Nobel Prize?

Past Paper Class 10 Biology Lahore Board 2016 Objective Type Group 1 (English Medium)Past Paper Class 10 Biology Lahore Board 2016 SUBJECTIVE Type Group 1 (English Medium)

Subjective questions include some of the following:

  • How will you differentiate between a stoma and lenticel?
  • Write the name of Abiotic and Biotic components of Ecosystem
  • Define food chain and give an example of a simple food chain.
  • What are the main organs works for homeostasis in man?
  • Write down the names of four organs of urinary system
  • What is difference between analgesic and antibiotic?
  • What steps are involved in the formation of urine in the kidney?
  • Describe the structure and function of thyroid gland and pancreas.
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the vegetative propagation in plants
  • What is parasitism? Explain its two types with examples.
  • Write down the procedure of experiment to show the presence of tar in cigarette smoke.
  • Draw the diagram of the experimental apparatus measuring the inhaled and the exhaled air.
  • You performed experiment to investigate chemical composition of bone. Write procedure for this experiment.
  • Write the procedure of experiment to show the necessity of oxygen for seed germination.

Past Paper Class 10 Biology Lahore Board 2016 Subjective Type Group 1 (English Medium)


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