Past Paper 10th Chemistry Lahore 2016 Group2 (English Medium)


Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 OBJECTIVE Type Group 2 (English Medium)

Chemistry paper of 10th class, Lahore board, 2016, group 2 covers various topics. Topics in the objective part include fat-soluble vitamin, triglyceride, the reason of temporary hardness, Lewis base, Oxidation of alkenes produce, ions which cause hardness in water, gas which protects earth’s surface from ultraviolet radiations, The color of HI, use of nitrogen present in urea, about starch, acidic salt etc.

Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 Objective Type Group 2 (English Medium)

Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 SUBJECTIVE Type Group 2 (English Medium)

Topics in the subjective part include uses of atmospheric gases in the manufacture of chemicals, irreversible reactions, uses of sulphuric acid, sources of organic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, use of Chloroform and Carbon tetra chloride, types of vitamins, the formation of proteins, structural formula of glucose, balanced equation for the hydrolysis of sucrose, the meaning of atmosphere, effects of global warming, production of acid rain, temporary vs permanent hardness of water, disadvantages of hard water, water-borne diseases of water, minerals vs ores, preparation of ammonical brine, advantages of Solvay’s process, the law of mass action, the reaction of acids with metals, physical properties of alkenes, uses of carbohydrates, effects of Global Warming, the importance of urea, the composition of the atmosphere.

Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 Subjective Type Group 2


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