Past Paper 10th Chemistry Lahore 2016 Group 1 (English Medium)


Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 OBJECTIVE Type Group 1 (English Medium)

10th class Chemistry paper of Lahore board, 2016, group 1 covers various topics. Topics in the objective part include reaction between acid and base forms, preparation of alkenes, main compounds of natural gas, amino acids, fatal soluble vitamin, complete reaction,  meaning of Matte, reaction which continue in both directions, disease which causes liver inflammation, division of atmosphere in regions, and removal of permanent hardness etc.

Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 Objective Type Group 1 (English Medium)

Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 SUBJECTIVE Type Group 1 (English Medium)

Topics in the subjective part include relation between active mass and rate of reaction, pH definition, acids used in the manufacture of fertilizers, Lewis acid, formation of coal, importance of natural gas, classification of coal, saturated hydrocarbon, process of hydrogenation of alkenes, carbohydrates formula, general formula of amino acid, chemical formulas of palmitic acid and stearic acid, ozone layer,  rise of water in plants, causes of hardness of water,  reasons of water-borne diseases, method to remove permanent hardness of water, crude oil vs residual oil, role of pine oil in froth flotation process, forward and reverse reaction, acidic and basic salts, properties of homologous series, sources of alkanes, effects of acid rain, steps for the preparation of urea, ammonia recovery process and preparation of carbon dioxide gas, green-house effect.

Past Paper Class 10 Chemistry Lahore Board 2016 Subjective Type Group 1 (English Medium)


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