Past Paper 10th Physics Lahore 2016 Group 1 (English Medium)


Past Paper Class 10 Physics Lahore Board 2016 OBJECTIVE Type Group 1 (English Medium)

Class 10 Physics paper (English Medium) 2016, group 1 of Lahore board consists of two parts. First part is objective type having multiple choice questions and second part is subjective type.  Objective type consists of following important questions:

  • “e-mail” is abbreviation of Electronic mail.
  • In which process sun gains energy?
  • The equation of Not Operation is ____
  • The refractive index of ice is _____
  • The electroscope is an instrument which is used for _____

Past Paper Class 10 Physics Lahore Board 2016 Objective Type Group 1 (English Medium)Past Paper Class 10 Physics Lahore Board 2016 SUBJECTIVE Type Group 1 (English Medium)

Some of the subjective questions of 10th class Physics paper, 2016, Lahore board Group 1 are as follows:

  • What is the difference between convex mirror and concave mirror?
  • What is meant by power of lenses? What is its unit?
  • How can be identified conductors and insulators by electroscope?
  • What is meant by ohmic and non-ohmic conductors?
  • What is electric current? Write its formula to calculate it.
  • Write the parts of cathode ray oscilloscope.
  • A sound wave has a frequency of 2KHz and wave length 35 cm. How long will it take to travel 1.5 km?
  • What is the difference between analogue and digital quantities? Write the two examples of each.
  • Write safety measures to save from hazards of radiations.
  • Explain briefly the transmission of radio-waves in space

Past Paper Class 10 Physics Lahore Board 2016 Subjective Type Group 1 (English Medium)


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