Opportunities for Pakistani Students in Turkey


In order to promote better relations between the people of Turkey and the people of Pakistan, Turkey has made available various scholarships for students of Pakistan to attend universities in Turkey.  They include both graduate and postgraduate studies.

Opportunities for Pakistani Students in TurkeyThe president of YTB (Turks Abroad and Related Communities) is offering about 5,000 of these scholarships for countries in the Asia Pacific.  As announced on Tuesday, by Professor Kudret Bulbul, the scholarships will cover everything, including air fares.  So far, 6,500 Pakistani students have applied.  These prospective students will not be residents of Turkey and when they have completed their studies they will be required to return home.

University education is popular in Turkey, with 100,000 applicants from 180 countries having applied so far.  The subjects selected are wide-ranging, including medical engineering and social sciences.  As these students return to their home countries, they will have bond with Turks and Turkey which will continue to build these relationships between countries.

These scholarships are just one part of the development of good relations, in both political and economic arenas, by connecting people on a more intellectual level.  Turkey is hoping to work with universities in these same countries to support other projects along these lines.


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