Twins learn a language in 7 days


You can learn a new language without ever visiting the country.  Twin brothers, Matthew and Michael Youlden set out to learn Turkish in a week while in Berlin. If they can learn a language in 7 days, you can also do it.

Tips to Learn a Language in 7 Days

In order to learn a language in 7 days they spent eight hours a day studying, and here are their tips:

  1. Why are you learning this language?

The boys lived in an area in Berlin where there were many Turkish migrants, with some areas where there was more Turkish on the signs than German.  In order to relate to this environment, the boys felt they needed to know Turkish.

  1. Use sticky notes

Firstly label all the things in your home with the Turkish name, or action.  As you use different items, and do different things in your environment, you will see the corresponding Turkish words.

  1. Find someone to learn with

The twins had each other, and could check on each other’s knowledge.  Each one had an area that was their responsibility. They could then help each other because each one had a different language area to concentrate on.  They could ask questions of each other to check, and by the end of the week they were able to speak some Turkish to each other.

  1. Small challenges

Before going shopping in the Turkish market nearby, they learned the names of fruits and vegetables as well as numbers. They were able to shop more easily.  When speaking with Turkish friends, they were able to use Turkish phrases, and make ‘small talk’.

  1. Link everything in your daily life to the new language

The twins bought and ate lots of Turkish snacks, and while eating discussed and tried to translate the information on the packaging.  During their 8-hour day spent on learning the new language, they tried to speak and read everything Turkish.

  1. Look for the commonalities

In most language there are words that link to your native tongue. Use these to help you remember.  Association is a powerful tool for memorizing.  Just discussing the origins of some words gives them an association that makes them easier to remember.

  1. Use a variety of sources

There are computer programs, and apps that can help.  The twins listened to Turkish radio stations, read about Turkish sports. When learning a new language you need to include all aspects of language – text, spoken language, and listening.  When you go to formal lessons, you are missing the true nature of language learning.  Immerse yourself in the new language through all means available.



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